| Amy & Warren | The V Lounge Wedding |

The V Lounge Wedding

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

                    We’re so excited to be sharing Amy and Warren’s V Lounge wedding we photographed a few weeks ago!  When we first met Amy and Warren last year, we were so intrigued by their passion for scuba-diving that we barely talked about their wedding plans during their consultation!  Instead of us showing them our wedding portfolio, we ended up looking at their portfolio of underwater photography of amazing sea life from their many scuba-diving travels around the world.  They actually met on a scuba-diving trip in Mexico, and are now diving instructors together!

                    Amy and Warren are from Edmonton.  They often travel to Vancouver and love it here so much that they wanted to have their wedding right in the middle of this beautiful city.  All but two guests were from Alberta – how awesome is that!  To showcase the city of Vancouver to all their out of town guests, location and venues for the ceremony and reception were really important to Amy and Warren.   Their nuptials took place at Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building which hosted their intimate ceremony of about 50 people.  The ceremony was conducted by the lovely Roxanne Thorton, which included a handfasting ceremony to honour Warren’s Scottish heritage.  From there, guests we encouraged to walk around Granville Island and eventually catch the colourful Aqua Bus hired by the newlyweds to charter everyone across False Creek to the Yaletown station.  What a cute way to give people a little taste of Vancouver!

                    As guests made their way to the V Lounge for the reception, we also traveled around False Creek with Amy, Warren and their maid of honour and best man for wedding party photos.  We were quite lucky with the beautiful weather we had, considering March can be a very wet month!  Typically we’re ok when it rains on a wedding day; there are many backup rain plans in Vancouver.  But we especially wanted the rain to stay away from this day for Amy and Warren’s guests as they experienced some of the gems in Vancouver!

                    We find that the way wedding receptions play out often reflect the type of people the bride and groom are.  In this case, super laid back and relaxed.  That’s definitely how we’d describe Amy and Warren!  We’re so thankful for our couples who give us the time to do a little extra near the end of the night.  The V Lounge is pretty cool space, and as our first time shooting there, we were all over it!

                    Huge shout outs to Tracey Le of Mink Makeup & Hair and Carly & Chloe of Blooming Aisle Floral Design for the flowers AND the day of coordination (you go girls!)

                    We wish Amy and Warren the best time on their honeymoon in Honolulu!  Can you guess what they’ll be doing…?  Scuba-diving of course ;p


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| Kristi & Todd | Railtown Engagement Session |

Railtown Engagement Session

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

                    Today, we’re happy to be sharing Kristi and Todd’s Gastown/Railtown engagement session!  Their wedding is coming up in less than a week and we’re super excited to be shooting in this beautiful weather!

                    We first met Kristi when she was a bridesmaid at Danielle & Tony’s wedding a few years back.  This group of girls have been each other’s bridesmaids as they’ve been getting married, and now it’s Kristi and Todd’s turn this coming Sunday:)

                    We were lucky to have such an amazing evening as we chased the sun around Gastown and Railtown, finding pockets of light in alleys and through tree branches.  Kristi and Todd rocked it and after just an hour of shooting, we were all done – usually we’re in for a good 2 hours!

                    Can’t wait for their wedding on Easter Sunday!

Railtown Engagement SessionRailtown Engagement SessionRailtown Engagement SessionRailtown Engagement SessionRailtown Engagement Session

Selene Berg

Great photos. Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

Cindy Franklin

Beautiful Couple! Beautiful Photo’s! Looking forward to your day!

Ragini Kay

Really unusual and quite stunning! Plus, she looks like her gorgeous mum!

Peggy Wilson

Impressive photos, they look so happy!! Enjoy the wedding!,

Peggy Wilson

Impressive photos, they look so happy!! Enjoy the wedding!,

Kassidy Pryn

Stunning photos!

Leta Anne McCallum


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| Leah & Gareth | Brix Wedding Vancouver


Vancouver Wedding Photographers

                     We mentioned a few posts ago that we would be posting a few weddings from late 2013, and we are extremely proud to be sharing Leah & Gareth’s Brix wedding in Vancouver!  Leah and Gareth booked us while there were planning their wedding from Australia, so we didn’t get to meet them until the day of the wedding.  Their wedding was shortly after Christmas, and with a later start in the day, we showed up to Leah’s hotel and it was nearly pitch black outside at about 4pm.  Fret not, sometimes you can be the most creative when in the dark!  You are in control of all the external lighting, and it can bring out the creative monster in you!

                    The beautiful Leah kept her afternoon simple.  While she got ready, she had her parents, best friend, and her dog by her side at the Metropolitan Vancouver Hotel.  Gareth suited up at a friend’s apartment within walking distance to Brix Restaurant, where their ceremony and reception took place.

                    Karen Ell, the wonderful wedding officiant, conducted the intimate ceremony which included the ring boy walking down the aisle with Leah’s beloved dog.  After ‘I Do’s” and toasts all around, we marched over to the Yaletown Roundhouse to take cover from the cold and the mildly wet atmosphere.  Bribing the desk front gentleman with some delicious Cupcakes, we photographed the newlyweds amongst white Christmas lights then headed outside for some more portraits.

                    Brix receptions are always beautiful.  There’s no way to take a bad photo inside the cozy and warm room with beautiful brick and mirrors on the walls.  After a decadent meal, guests were treated to a candy bar that had candy native to New Zealand (where Gareth is from), and man…Canada is missing out on some yummy stuff!!

                    Please enjoy the slideshow at the end with many more photos from Leah & Gareth’s amazing wedding:)

                    Congratulations Leah and Gareth, and we wish you all the best in Melbourne!

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