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Whistler ProposalWhistler Proposal

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                    This was a first for us.  Our first time at Joffre Lake, our first time hiking with camera gear, our first time shooting a proposal.  And it was AWESOME.

                    We received an email inquiry from Naheed while he was in Australia for school.  He explained that he and his girlfriend, Alysha who currently lives in Toronto, were going to be meeting up in Vancouver and spending a weekend together in Whistler.  He wanted to propose there, and though his original plans of doing it on top of one of the peaks fell through, his hotel suggested a beautiful location for a proposal: Joffre Lake.

                    Naheed is definitely an organized person.  He sent us a video of Joffre Lake, described perfectly where the 2nd lake is where we was going to propose, he even sent us his website where we could see his photo so we could recognize him on the day of.

                    This all went down on a cold October 2nd, 2013 (yes, our apologies for the delay of this blog post!).  Dan and I made out way past Pemberton to the lakes, keeping in touch with Naheed via text messages about each other’s ETAs.  We soon realized upon arriving at Joffre Lake that our cell reception no longer existed.  At this point we had no idea if they were ahead of us on the hike to the second lake, or if there were still driving up.  Fearing the worse, we booked it to the proposal site.  It was over an hour hike and it was muddy and cold and the trail path was under construction.  The new “path” was very….let’s just say it felt like we needed a machete to get through the thick forest.  We had no idea if we were going to right way!  Strangely enough, on our way up, we ran into 2 Langara Photo-Imaging grads that we knew who were on their way down from a camping trip!  We were on the right path, phew!

                    Upon arriving the the second lake, we discovered we were there first and had some time to set up for when Naheed and Alysha’s arrival.  But without our cell phones for communication, we had no idea when they would be arriving.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  After hiding among the trees and in the snow for over an hour (my feet were frozen!), finally we recognized a face!!  Dan was hiding, I pretended to be just another hiker with my camera taking in the scenery.  As Naheed got in to position and got down on a knee, it all came together.  Alysha was so surprised! It was amazing!

                   Naheed brought champagne to celebrate and after a few sips, it started to lightly snow and we did a few portraits.  How romantic!

                   Thank you Naheed and Alysha for this epic proposal, it was so much fun and it was so beautiful!!  We hope the wedding planning is going well!!  xox Kat & Dan

Whistler ProposalWhistler ProposalWhistler Proposalwhistler_proposal_06whistler_proposal_07whistler_proposal_08whistler_proposal_09whistler_proposal_10whistler_proposal_11

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