| Royal Wedding: Wedding of the Century |

It’s an official countdown now.  Prince William and Kate are getting married in less than 24 hours.  It’s a big day in wedding world!  Maybe one of the biggest!  As excited as I am to watch this Royal Wedding, and to see this historical event unfold, there’s a small part of me that can’t help but feel a bit sympathetic for them.  The whole world will be watching!!   People have been placing bets on their marriage, on their children, on their divorce…awful!  People are making money off their wedding!  Coins and toys and trinkets being made of them, even latte art!  Wow!  A movie was made of their relationship!  Yikes! I mean common’, does anyone else feel a little bad for them?  Being a shy and private person myself, I couldn’t image having all that attention.  50 people at our wedding was almost too much for me!   But I understand it comes with the territory.   I will admit, I had an innocent crush on Prince William growing up, we’ve seen him and Prince Harry grow up over the decades, we were there during their parent’s divorce and mother’s tragic death.  You can’t help but be happy for Prince William and the Princess to be and want to be part of their day.  It’s a modern day fairytale.  Tomorrow morning at 3am, my best friend and I are getting up to watch this historical wedding take place.  Hypocritical as it may seem, it’s a wedding of a lifetime and it’s just something I can’t miss.  I haven’t gone as far as buying Pezz dispensers, or making a pizza of their portrait, but I guess everyone has their own way of celebrating.


Definitely talent! Yeah, my body might hate me later in the day for getting up so early!

I love the latte’s! that’s talent. I think I won’t get up that early but I hope to catch some of it!

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