| Diana & Brian | Married | 10.10.10 |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Diana and Brian were one of the many couples to get married on 10.10.10!!  We had so many inquiries for this day, but Diana and Brian got us pretty early in the game!  The weather this Thanksgiving weekend had proven to be very wet and cloudy, but on this Sunday, the sun shone and boy I bet all the couples getting married in Vancouver and their photographers were thankful!

Diana had me come over to her parent’s place quite early and gave me at least 2 hours to hang out with her and her ladies AND to shoot all the awesome details she had.  I most definitely appreciate being given the time to shoot this part of the day! Dan hung out with the guys and the new PS3 and made mini pizzas for lunch..Their wedding was at the Inlet Theatre in Port Moody…such a cool venue!Once again, the awesome Rev. Brent Sheppard!  He officiate Diana and Brian’s wedding, as he did Brian’s brother’s wedding last year.After shooting some great stuff at the Inlet Theater, we drove down to Rocky Point Park.  Once we got there, Diana told us there was a bench along the pier that was there in memory of her late grandfather.  As Dan was setting up a wide shot, I quickly nabbed this detail.  Diana is also wearing her grandmother’s ring and bracelet.  Awesome!Dan and I had scouted a few locations the days before the wedding and Dan spotted this awesome truck.  I love weddings where there are so many details, and I knew that the little things were important to Diana because before heading over the Inlet Theater for her ceremony from her parent’s house, she wanted to make a pit stop by the Old Orchard Hall where the reception was to be, so that I could get a few detail shots before anyone was in the hall.  I think I overheard someone say that Diana made the table numbers…..wow!Once again with the details!  Diana bought some sandals for the dancing part of her night, and custom made them to be her own, with little crystals…love it!Boy was that cake ever good…The night isn’t over until the boys have a smoke…And the night is definitely not over until shots are passed around!  Mmm, they look yummy!A few night shots on the train tracks, and in the sweet limo below!As tired as we were on our third wedding of the long weekend, Dan and our super assistant Julian and I had such a great time with Diana and Brian celebrating their wedding on such a gorgeous day. Our 10.10.10 was definitely memorable, especially their photo booth!  Check out their slide shows below!

All the best to you both!

Love K&D



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| Gajing & Vic | Married | 10.09.10 |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Day 2 of 4! Gajing and Vic’s wedding at Cecil Green.  It was a wet day, but that didn’t stop Gajing and Vic and their wedding party from having a great time.  I started off at Gajing’s house, and Dan and Vic’s.  Dan dropped me off, and as always, he comes in to say hi to the bride before he heads out to to groom’s.  It was so cute when Gajing was exited to show us her blue teal hallway before Dan left.  Great background to work with, especially with pink shoes!!!

Here are some favs of the day!

Gajing’s wedding dress was custom made, as well as her veil! Mom putting on some jewelryReady…set…Owww!!Gajing’s cute little nephew getting ready at Cecil Green…check out those teeny Nikes!The bridesmaids dresses were custom made tooBeautiful!Their officiant gave a fantastic sermon!After the ceremony were a whole bunch of group photos!After some amazing finger food that the staff at Cecil Green put out, the speeches and bouquet toss and cake cutting followedGajing’s sister Gatim caught the bouquet!Wedding favors!  Gummy candy with our table cards!The infamous shoe game!  This one was hilarious!Some last words shared by the newlyweds…including to brush your teeth after eating those gummy candies!  (Words of wisdom from the dental hygienist!) Creative time!  Though it was raining all day, we made do with the under covered parts around Cecil GreenAnd then headed to Granville Island for some more under covers…I tell ya, parking lots are great!Another favorite location if it’s rainy…can anyone guess?!Inspired by Tony Hoffer Photography‘s shot in the rain, we pulled off our own version and added some dramatic blue to this scene…thanks Gajing and Vic for being such awesome troopers in this rain!  It was a torrential downpour! We ended at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel downtown Vancouver, where Gajing and Vic were staying the night.  The valet guys at the Fairmont are SO awesome and have been so accommodating every time we come here with a wedding party…they cleared the entrance way of people for a few minutes to let us get this jumping shot…

Thank you Gajing and Vic for a fun day!

Check out their slide show below!



[...] was lovely to see Gajing and Vic whose wedding we shot last year, and celebrated their one year anniversary the day after Alan and [...]

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| M & A | Married | 10.8.10 |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Not quite rain, not quite dry. But super fun.

Kat and I, (yes this means Dan is actually writing a blog post, please excuse the spelling errors) had never met these two before their big day on October 8th as they flew in from out of town the night before to have their very small intimate wedding at M’s mother’s heritage home in Kits. What a blast this day was. Laid back, fun fun fun, and super creative. They combine two very different personalities; she is bubbly and giggly while he has a more subtle sense of humur and a genuine smile.

Enjoy some of our favs!

Oh yes, the day started with a traditional Tea Ceremony to honor the groom’s heritage. But the participants weren’t limited only to his side. Every one gave gifts, received gifts and had a lovely time. So did we!

Some pinning on and touch-ups.

The ceremony and cocktail time was all in this beautiful heritage home. Such a lovely setting with aged timber and antique furniture!

Oh yes and lots of rose petals. You are looking at everyone that was there, we felt so honored to be part of this tight and loving group of friends and family.Okay, serious stuff over! On to some fun and creative time! We checked out a favorite location for rain, as it was now raining…. a bit, then more, then a lot! Welcome to the Arthur Erickson Water Fall BuildingWe had only limited access this time as there was another wedding rehearsal going on. So thanks to that whole gang for letting us half-crash the party.

We started with a few “Epic” back-lit shots.
Then some beauty shots….  duhhhhhh;)just look at her!Yeah, he’s handsome so we photographed him too;)We lit a couple more shots to create some pretty light as now the sky was way overcast and ugly. A whole lot of randomness this day; we were driving, we looked to our left and saw and awesome the wicked doorway of “Three Centuries Antiques“, and so we pulled over abruptly and jumped out for an impromptu photo-session. YAY for random!Then we jetted off to Stanley Park and the Fish House for the reception. BTW, if you haven’t eaten there….. GO EAT AT THE FISH HOUSE!!!! It is superbly amazingly awesome!The night went on with fantastic food, heart warming speeches, and craft time!?!?!!YES, drawings….Artwork. All the guests made personalized cards, cutouts, little pieces of art to go in a large frame at the end of the night. What a cool idea!

It was a joy and honour to be a part of M & A’s wedding day.

Enjoy their slide show below!

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