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Not quite rain, not quite dry. But super fun.

Kat and I, (yes this means Dan is actually writing a blog post, please excuse the spelling errors) had never met these two before their big day on October 8th as they flew in from out of town the night before to have their very small intimate wedding at M’s mother’s heritage home in Kits. What a blast this day was. Laid back, fun fun fun, and super creative. They combine two very different personalities; she is bubbly and giggly while he has a more subtle sense of humur and a genuine smile.

Enjoy some of our favs!

Oh yes, the day started with a traditional Tea Ceremony to honor the groom’s heritage. But the participants weren’t limited only to his side. Every one gave gifts, received gifts and had a lovely time. So did we!

Some pinning on and touch-ups.

The ceremony and cocktail time was all in this beautiful heritage home. Such a lovely setting with aged timber and antique furniture!

Oh yes and lots of rose petals. You are looking at everyone that was there, we felt so honored to be part of this tight and loving group of friends and family.Okay, serious stuff over! On to some fun and creative time! We checked out a favorite location for rain, as it was now raining…. a bit, then more, then a lot! Welcome to the Arthur Erickson Water Fall BuildingWe had only limited access this time as there was another wedding rehearsal going on. So thanks to that whole gang for letting us half-crash the party.

We started with a few “Epic” back-lit shots.
Then some beauty shots….  duhhhhhh;)just look at her!Yeah, he’s handsome so we photographed him too;)We lit a couple more shots to create some pretty light as now the sky was way overcast and ugly. A whole lot of randomness this day; we were driving, we looked to our left and saw and awesome the wicked doorway of “Three Centuries Antiques“, and so we pulled over abruptly and jumped out for an impromptu photo-session. YAY for random!Then we jetted off to Stanley Park and the Fish House for the reception. BTW, if you haven’t eaten there….. GO EAT AT THE FISH HOUSE!!!! It is superbly amazingly awesome!The night went on with fantastic food, heart warming speeches, and craft time!?!?!!YES, drawings….Artwork. All the guests made personalized cards, cutouts, little pieces of art to go in a large frame at the end of the night. What a cool idea!

It was a joy and honour to be a part of M & A’s wedding day.

Enjoy their slide show below!

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| Samantha & Ken | Married | 10.03.10 |

Holy smokes!!  What a day!  Samantha and Ken are such a fun, kind and generous couple.  The entire day was all smiles and laughter for them…a few tears here and there too!

Samantha and Ken were super fun to photograph – they were up for anything and everything…a wedding photographer’s dream!  And such a gorgeous ceremony and reception at The Vancouver Club…another wedding photographer’s dream!  Samantha and Ken’s vision for their wedding was grand and spectacular, and they pulled off quite the day for their family and friends.  Dan and I had the immense pleasure of being part of their wedding!

Please enjoy!

The day started off at the River Rock Casino Hotel.  Samantha and her ladies had an early start to the day with hair and make up by the amazing Vivian (hnwedding@hnwedding.com).  Ken and his crew arrived at Samantha’s hotel room at 8:30, to be greeted by her confidants who led them through some pretty tough games!  Applying lipstick to each other using their mouth only, reciting Chinese poetry, all sorts of games!  Ken finally got to his blushing bride and the tea ceremony followed after that.
It was our first time shooting at the Vancouver Club, and Dan and I were blown away at how we had never heard of this venue before!  We have done our share of wedding research for our own wedding and never came across here.  It is such a stunning location!Samantha and Ken were married by the awesome Rev. Brent Sheppard.  They wrote their own vows to each other, and it was beautiful.It’s official, let the fun begin!!It wasn’t a rainy Vancouver day, but it definitely wasn’t sunny out either.  Instead of heading outdoors for our creative time, we decided to take advantage of the Vancouver Club’s rooms and lobby.  Great interior spaces to shoot it!Oh yeah…Ken is a very popular and well liked individual…7 groomsmen!!!I have to say I’ve never really been a keener for veils…but when a bride has a long long LONG veil (cathedral veils?!), it’s amazing and so fun to shoot with.
Samantha and Ken love the camera!  Instead of us suggesting poses, they were doing them on their own!  Models in the making!The lobby of the Vancouver Club is pretty awesome.  We didn’t have to venture far and wide to get great shots. Love the subtle reflection on the floor.Gorgeous!  All the bouquets and flower arrangements were by Hillary Miles Flowers!We did go outside just to mix it up a bit…Very stoic gentlemenWe were stunned by the decor done by the amazing team at Wedding Design Studio.  The room, the decor, the lighting…it all matched perfectly! I had so much fun shooting the reception details, and it was great that Samantha and Ken gave us the time to do it…usually we don’t get to see the reception hall before all the guests are in there!

This decadent piece of art work was by Ganache Patisserie…..yum!Samantha changed into a beautiful red gown part way through the reception.  If you notice closely, Ken has quite the beautiful red tie he changed to match Samantha;) Yup!  That’s dress #3!!  An amazing yellow ballgown that totally reminds me of Belle’s yellow dress in Beauty and the Beast!  With every dress change, was a different hair do, and a matching tie for Ken!  Wow, so coordinated and detail oriented!  Samantha and Ken had the wonderful help from their wedding coordinators Kiren and Sarah of Dream Group Productions.  Those two ladies rock!Such a great day it was!  Dan and I had so much fun getting to know Samantha and Ken, and working with such great vendors in the wedding industry, including the videography team from Laura Ann Cinema!  We’ll be remembering this wedding for a long time!

All the best to you both, Samantha and Ken!

Slide show below.

Cheers till next time!


Thanks Maros!!

awesome stuff guys!
I will call you some day to chat again
Maros Hana

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| Kristy & Matt | Engaged |

We are HORRIBLE bloggers!!  With life taking a huge turn these past few months (first-time-home buyers, and some serious renos!) and a few other hiccups, we unfortunately haven’t been on top of our blogging.  We sincerely apologize to Kristy and Matt especially, since we’re blogging their e-session AFTER we just shot their awesome wedding this past weekend!  Nonetheless, we want to share the good times we had with Kristy and Matt…


Iona Beach has proven to be a favorite spot of ours.  The rain kindly held off until the end!Iona Beach was actually part deux of their e-session.  Part one was on Main Street, on just before Chinatown.  Unfortunately, we had an incident at the end of the session, in which our car was broken into and some valuables were stolen:(  We felt so bad that their engagement session experience ended on such a bad note, we decided to do another one.  We still got some great shots that first time around!Our jeep making a cameo!Thank your Kristy and Matt for two awesome sessions!  We had a blast at your wedding and can’t wait to blog it!





Thanks Maros and Elaine…we love hearing feedback, so glad you guys are following our stuff :)

wow great
great locations – i would not think of those!

Elaine Schick

I don’t know how you keep coming up with such novel ideas to show off the rings. I love this one.

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