| Kaitlyn & Bryce | Engaged |

Dan and I were so excited to see Kaitlyn and Bryce again since we last saw them earlier this year.  Our initial meeting was one of those where we all just hit it off instantly.

Kaitlyn and Bryce knew exactly where they wanted their engagement session at:  Buntzen Lake in Anmore!  They go to this lake every summer with their friends, blow up a little dingy, load the guys up, and tie a blow up mattress at the end of the dingy for the girls to sun tan on…sigh…sounds so relaxing!

Dan had been to Buntzen Lake before as a kid with his dad and brothers, so it was a nice trip down memory lane for him.  It was my first time up there, and I can’t wait to start heading there more often to enjoy the cold water and the hot sunshine.

We got together at 9am on a beautiful Saturday morning, to beat the crazy rush.  Even at 9am there were tons of people staking their claim of picnic benches and setting up bbqs for the day.  We managed to still get some photos without too many people in the background.

We had a great time hanging out with Kaitlyn and Bryce, they’re such an awesome couple and we can’t wait to shoot their wedding this October!

Some favs of the day!!

Buntzen Lake has some beautiful trails to go hiking, and we found some nice shaded areas in the trails.  Love this close up of Kaitlyn!

Bright sunny day!  As you can see…lots of people around in the morning!  Love this pose!  Kaitlyn and Bryce didn’t need much coaching…they’re naturals!Kaitlyn and Bryce are so fun at heart!They both have such great smiles! Nice bling!After a quick outfit change, we shot around this field, and then headed for the water for some fun!One of my favorites!Dan had his camera dangerously close to the water!  And for this shot…well…Dan will do what it takes to get the shot!  Shirt off, keys and wallet on land….and in he went, neck deep, camera in air, it was hilarious!  Kaitlyn and Bryce we awesome troopers and got wet as well, even though it was a bit cold!  Thanks for lending us your sandals too!  Moving on to shallower waters…haha! After the session, Dan and I stayed behind a bit to shoot a few details and to soak up a bit of sun, mainly to dry off Dan’s wet shorts!  We had an amazing time with Kaitlyn and Bryce, Their fun and adventurous nature and friendliness made it so easy to photograph them.  It really didn’t feel like “work”, it was more like hanging out with awesome friends and a camera at a beautiful lake, and goofing around!  We can’t wait for their wedding day!

Check out their slide show below!

Till next time!


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[...] decision, they were already talking about where they would want to do their engagement session! (Check it out!)  As we were leaving their place that night, Dan and I stopped by a local diner for dinner, and we [...]

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| Harmony & Nicky | Married | 07.17.10 |

Harmony and Nicky got married on July 17th and it was a spectacular day!  The girls got up at 4:30am to get their hair and make-up going…WOW!  Troopers I tell ya, and they had so much energy throughout the day!  Kudos ladies.  When Dan and I arrived at Harmony’s parent’s house, extended family members were showing up to get ready for some Chinese traditional games and the tea ceremony.  The morning went by so fast with another tea ceremony at Nicky’s parent’s house just down the street.

Their beautiful ceremony took place at the Knox United Church on 41st and Balaclava.  Harmony’s family’s dog Sam was the ring bearer!  Awesome!  Great creatives followed were we stopped at UBC and the Museum of Anthropology, and then the Burrard Street Bridge.

Dinner at the Sutton Place Hotel is always superb, the people there are so great.  After setting up a few lights in the room, we took a seat at our table, and soon after the first course, a waiter comes up to Dan’s seat with a full champagne glass.  He points to Nicky and says it’s from him.  Oh we had a good laugh!  Right before leaving the Museum of Anthropology, Harmony and Nicky popped open a bottle of Dom Perignon.  The plan was everyone was going to have some in the limo, but Dan and I were worried about our time and wanted to head to our next location, so we skipped out on the champagne.  Kindly enough, Nicky thought of us and from across the room, he raised his glass to us as the waiter gave us a glass.  Thanks man!

Here are some favs of the day!

Harmony wore a Qipao (chi-pow) for the two tea ceremonies that took place before the wedding ceremony at Knox United. Loved her red shoes to match!

Harmony got ready in her white wedding gown in a little room in at the church.  Her dress was so classy!  A favorite of mine so far this year!

Knox United Church has a beautiful sanctuary with a stunning green back drop behind the alter. Camera toss!  Dan always forgets to smile…kind of hard to think about smiling when you throw your camera in the air, so I forgive him. Lol

Harsh sun makes cool shadows!

The pretty ladies!

And the studly men…

There’s this one spot at UBC that always has great light because of all the shade from the trees.  We let the wedding party go to the limo first and did a few creatives with just Harmony and Nicky.  They posed themselves up for these next few shots!

The Museum of Anthropology is a pretty sweet building.  The only downside was that they had to face the bright sun!  Thanks guys – we know it was a HOT day, but you all were great!

Shifty lens!;)

We parked underneath the Burrard Street Bridge and then walked up.  Such a cool view!

Speeches were great!

The “shoe game” as we know it…slightly altered, but same concept.  Some funny questions…one was, “Who will drop the baby first!?”  And no…Nicky is not answering to that question in this shot!

For the bride and groom speeches and their first dance, Harmony changed into another red dress.  Love the open back!

Thank you Harmony and Nicky for a wonderful day!  You’re both such kind and generous people and it was a blessing to be part of your day!

Check out their slide show below!!



[...] to be. Really…!  When we met Cindy and Bon last year, we quickly discovered that they know Harmony & Nicky, whose wedding we shot last July.  That lead to discovering that I went to the same highschool as [...]


dear kat and dan.. you guys are SO GREAT!!! these photos are definitely so amazing.. thank you for extra long beyond the call of duty. you guys are such troopers XD we hope you guys had a great time cuz we did!!!

Lovely couple… these are great images

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| Tara & Jarrett | Married | 07.10.10 |

Excitement!!  That’s what was running through our bodies as Dan and I drove up to the Howard Johnson Hotel on Kingsway.  As we got settled into the hotel room to shoot Tara and Jarrett getting ready for their wedding, the atmosphere was happy and relaxed.

We had seen them a few days prior at their rehearsal, and they kindly invited us to go back to Tara’s parent’s place in North Van for a light dinner and gift openings.  They had a gift for us too!  We truly felt like we were part of their circle of friends.  Everyone was so kind and generous.

Their ceremony took place at the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park, and their reception was at the SFU Diamond Alumni Center.

Dan and I are thrilled for Tara and Jarrett and we are tremendously happy with the images and the moments we shot!

Enjoy some favorites of the day!

Tara’s wedding dress:  AMAZING.  The beading, the laced back, the color, the fit…it was all so perfect, and Tara looked stunning in it!  Totally fit the vintage glam look Tara was going for!I didn’t realize the look Tara was going for until her make-up was being applied by Cynthia Martinez, who did a fantastic job!  I snapped a whole bunch of photos through each stage, and eventually gave Tara a peek at an image of her on the back of my camera….she started crying!!  Oh no!! I made the bride CRY on her WEDDING DAY!  In the middle of her make-up being applied!!!!  Oh Cynthia must not have been happy with me!  Thankfully though, Tara was crying tears of joy!

Tara and Jarrett’s friends from Comox did Tara and her bridemaids hair – great job James and Jason of ROOTS!

I’m not sure what it is with Dan and grooms and alcohol in the morning, but Dan is often treated to a fine drink when he hangs out with the guys during pre-wedding mornings.  Jarrett had a very fancy single malt scotch that was given to him as a gift, and he generously shared it with his groomsmen and Dan.  Generously shared it, I will reiterate!   Oh my…best ever!Getting ready!Tara and Jarrett wanted to keep it traditional and not see each other before the ceremony.  But being really fun as they are, they wanted a shot of them “together” holding hands around a corner.  So cute!!  Tara and her father walking down the aisle!Love Jarrett’s expression!!  I was shooting him as Tara came down the aisle, and I could see Jarrett mouthing over and over, “Wow….wow….wow…”Too good!!!  First kiss has gotta be memorable!After the ceremony and family photos in the cool shade, we did a few creative around the Celebration Pavilion.  Thank you to our super assistant Mark who helped us out for the first time! It seemed like the sun was in the perfect spot when we got the SFU.  People always tell us SFU is so depressing, but we don’t get it!  Love the architecture there!The ladies being sassy!The gents with attitude..Just the two of usThis shot was a spur of the moment type.  Dan was shooting primarily with off camera lighting as always, and I with natural light.  But I saw the framing of the over hang, and had a trigger in my bag, grabbed it and Mark was standing in just the right spot…pretty happy with how it turned out!

Another spur of the moment idea!  Light Jarrett and silhouette Tara!  I told Dan my concept, and love how he shot it!I love the way Dan and I work together.  This isn’t a “Dan” shot or a “Kat” shot, it’s a….”Dat” shot! (Little tidbit…that was our little nickname in school that was given to us by some classmates).  Dan lit, I posed…et voila!  Love it!

Tara and Jarrett had a pretty awesome entrance to their reception.  Bagpipe!  The guests had no idea either, so it was a great surprise for everyone!

Delicious cakes from True Confections!!  Lemon and chocolate….oh that lemon cake is to die for!

The food at the SFU Diamond Alumni Center was fantastic!The speeches for the night were great.  The dancing was fabulous and fun, it was great to see almost everyone on the dance floor!

We had such an amazing time hanging out for an entire day with Tara and Jarrett!  We were sad it was all over!

It was a pleasure being part of the day, and meeting their friends and family – especially Tara’s mom Elaine Schick who is our biggest facebook fan ever!  You were great Elaine!

Check out their slide show below!

Have a great ‘second’ wedding in Newfoundland for Jarrett’s side!

Cheers everybody!


Oh and PS. This is the unveiling of the gift they got us. A Cormorant just like what Jarrett flies!!! Well a mini version….his is 74 feet long. We’ve kinda liked them ALOT since their E-Session in Comox!! Thanks for the gift you guys!!


I’ve recently started in photography, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for sharing you awesome work!

Tara and Elaine – it was a sincere pleasure! And it was so much fun! You guys are all such great people and it was such a memorable day for Dan and I as well. Love y’all! Go party with the Newfies!

Elaine Schick

What a wonderful job. It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you be a part of the wedding. I still can’t believe everything went so well. Now I’m off to Newfoundland and all I have to do is show up for this one…and party!

Tara Schick

That is a fantastic blog – no biased opinion here ;)

Love you guys to pieces, and can’t sing enough praises about how great you two are (both with and without cameras).

Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! THANK YOU!!!!

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