| Carolyn & Kevin | 09.18.10 |

September 18th, 2010.  I remember waking up that morning and crossing my fingers as I looked out the window.  Gloomy, rainy, and cold.  Sigh….a beautiful venue, a beautiful couple, and an ugly day.  Oh well, this is what we get living in Vancouver.

As we drove out to Carolyn’s parent’s home in Abbottsford, the clouds slowly began to separate, and the sun slowly started peaking through.  I held my breath the whole way there, and by the time we arrived at their house, it was full blown sunny and even HOT!  Praise God, the sun stayed throughout the ENTIRE DAY, and as soon as we left Swan-E-Set at the end of the day, it started pouring.  Wow.

We had just shot Carolyn and Kevin’s engagement session a few weeks ago, so they were still fresh in our minds and we were excited to see them commit to each other in the name of our Lord.  It was a beautiful day, and Carolyn and Kevin and their wedding party looked so elegant and classy.

Dan and I had a blast, enjoy some favorites!

Starting the day off at Carolyn’s parent’s gorgeous home, she got ready in the master bedroom.  As soon as I saw Carolyn’s dress, I literally gasped out loud!  Oh my GOSH, what an amazing dress!!

There was beautiful light all around.  The bathroom served as an ideal spot to shoot! Beauty!It was our first time shooting out at Swan-E-Set…and it made me want to get married there!  I can understand why it’s such a popular venue!Carolyn and Kevin’s wedding party was awesome.  The venue had golf carts for everyone, and man did we all have fun on those!I still can’t get over how sunny it was!  We had to pull out our Norman (photog talk!) to over power the sun!Love it!We just wanted to keep shooting Carolyn and Kevin, they looked so good!  I didn’t want to put my camera down ;pA Dan shot…he always amazes me with his vision!I remember asking Carolyn and Kevin at their engagement session if they were going to have any Korean tea ceremonies or traditions, and they said no.  Rather, their mom’s walked down the aisle together, hand in hand, wearing traditional Korea dresses (I apologize for not knowing the correct terminology!) How cool, and how awesome to show that these two families are uniting as one. The bride and her father!Carolyn called her dad a ‘joke-ster’…he’s definitely a fun character!  He waved all the way down the aisle, and the guests roared in laughter! Before the ceremony started, everyone was lead to sing two worship songs.The light here is stunningA few games throughout the night…Something else that I thought was super cool:  The first dance wasn’t with each other, rather the first dance was Carolyn dancing with her dad, and Kevin dancing with is mom.  After about half way through the song, Carolyn and Kevin joined each other.  Awesome. The end of the night consisted of a slide show, which included Kevin’s proposal to Carolyn (recorded by a friend), and an ‘Arts Cafe’, in which various friends and family members performed songs and dance routines…and Kevin finished off the night singing a few songs to his lovely bride!

What an amazing day it was being surrounded by such friendly people!

Enjoy their slide show below!



Bravo, the excellent work!

Tegan Hunt

Hey, I can’t view your site properly on my iPhone, Is it Flash? Blog looks really good. You take really fun pictures.


Wonderful ..thanks a lot for sharing your work!

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| Diana & Brian | Engaged |

A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure to hang out and photograph Diana and Brian who are getting married next month!  We were humming and hawing back and forth over a few locations, and we all decided that Lonsdale Quay was a great location to shoot at.  Diana works at the ICBC building down there, and tips us on the free parking on weekends at the ICBC parking lot!  Saweeet! The Burrard Dry Dock Pier at Lonsdale was thankfully not busy at all! Got down real low to get some shots…We ended up staying a lot longer on this dock than we anticipated…there’s so much potential there!It was super easy to photograph Diana and Brian because they’re so down to earth and they FUN!  When we first met up at the Bean Around the World at the Quay…Brian and Dan instantly bonded over complaining about the way girls are….they both got the stink eye from me and Diana ;PUnusual perspective, but kinda like it!Diana and Brian had requested for some shots with water and to have their super cute dog Tia join them for a bit.  SO, we headed down to an area that Dan scoped out no too long ago…sorry folks, don’t know the name of this orange bridge in North Van.  But anyhow, we didn’t know how much of  a popular dog walk/trail it was…we saw 10 dogs in the first 2 minutes we got there!  Ended the session with some key shifting (for you photog geeks!)

It was awesome hanging out with Diana and Brian and Tia, we’re looking forward to their 10.10.10 wedding!!!!  Yes – they’re the lucky couple who got it this year:)

Wanna see more?  Check out their slide show below…adios!



Excellent post thank you! Love the bride’s dress.

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awesome stuff
i was going to shoot there too – so funny just found the pier like 3 days ago –

great work over there – I may not get there for a while :)
you guys rock

Gorgeous photos!

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| Carolyn & Kevin | Engaged |

Carolyn and Kevin got in touch with us through Jo and Austin (who we photographed last summer)….oh how we love referrals!  The first time we met up was in Surrey, a middle point for them who came from Langley, and us in Tsawwassen.  I felt so bad as we drove up to the Wired Monk on HWY 10 and 152nd Street…there they were, standing….outside…the coffee shop was closed! Whoops!  We ended up at the Tim Horton’s there, and started to get to know each other.

Carolyn is in seminary school at Trinity Western and Kevin is a youth pastor at their church in Langley.  They’ve both devoted their lives to God, and that in our books is totally rad.

We’re looking forward to their wedding NEXT WEEKEND!!  Enjoy some e-session shots we did with the around downtown Vancouver a few weekends ago!

Carolyn and Kevin were our guinea pigs for our new 16″ beauty dish and grid.  Result?  LOVE IT!

At the Terry Fox Memorial Arch at BC Place at Beatty and Robson…LOVE IT!!  Can you tell we’re kind of lighting geeks? Down some alley….for a few natural lit stuff….lovin’ that blue wall tooOur final location was down by Canada Place…we had to hike a bit to get here along this point…and Dan…well…trespassing isn’t a big deal right?!  He had to get to another dock to shoot this image above…a dock that was all locked and barbed wired shut….oh Dan… :SSuper cute!Ok I lied…Granville Street was our last location!  And a slight outfit change!  Love your hat Carolyn!We’ll, we had a great time with Carolyn and Kevin, and looking forward to a full day with them this coming weekend at Swan-E-Set!

Slide show below!



[...] had just shot Carolyn and Kevin’s engagement session a few weeks ago, so they were still fresh in our minds and we were excited to see them commit to [...]

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