| Sara & Steve | Married | 03.27.10 |

Dan and I had the privilege to be part of Sara and Steve’s March wedding in Edmonton, Alberta. We arrived late on the Thursday night, scouted most of Friday, and then shot all day Saturday, and BOY was it AWESOME!

We started in the morning at Sara’s place.  She rents the top loft of an AMAZING heritage house, and we were allowed to use the entire house for creatives!  A photographer’s paradise!  It was so overwhelming to be surrounded by such exquisite art and furniture and decor!  Our jaws literally DROPPED when we walked in the house.  HOLY COW!  We could have spent a WEEK there, but only had a few hours.  Regardless, we had lots of fun and it was a great experience!

I took Sara’s shoes and accessories and did creatives in the dining room.  I was literally running around to every room whispering to myself, “Oh my gosh….this is so overwhelming, there’s not enough time!”

The front entrance of the mansion is so gorgeous.  The floor has a wonderful pattern and great morning light coming through the front door and windows.  Beautiful dress Sara!

Every room had an amazing chandelier, which serves has a perfect and elegant way to hang a wedding dress.  Sara wanted to get ready in this bathroom specifically, because it is like, SO gorgeous!  I asked if we could do just one shot I had in mind before she put on her dress….and thanks Sara for being up for it!  I shot through the door into the bathroom, with Sara in the bath tub.  It was cute when all of Sara’s bridesmaids were behind me peeking through whistling and cheering!

Sara and her mom getting ready, and it was great to be part of this moment.  Sara wore her mom’s veil from her parent’s wedding.  So touching!

Over at Steve’s downtown loft, Dan hung out with Steve and the boys after dropping me off at Sara’s.  You don’t see a deer wearing an baseball cap everyday!

Dan got some sweet shots of Steve getting ready, my fav is the one above on the right:)

Steve’s a fireman in Edmonton, and so there are tons of firemen trinkets around his loft.

After the boys got ready, then drove over to Sara’s place to do some creatives, because GOSH this house is amazing.  But before that, Sara and Steve still wanted to have that moment of seeing each other for the first time, as they decided to do lots of creatives before the ceremony.  It was a great moment when Steve was standing at the doorway as Sara came down the lovely staircase and they met.  It was so romantic!

By now it’s obvious that the front entrance is a beautiful location and a favorite of ours as we used this area for many shots!  Great posing and lighting by Dan, this shot of Sara is so pretty!

Sara and her classy ladies, everyone looks so elegant!

It’s always fun to see what Dan shoots throughout the day, as I usually don’t see them till the blog post.  No doubt he and the guys had a kickin’ time around the mansion.  They definitely had a fun!  Look on…!

I’m not sure WHO found swords in the mansion, but someone did!  And what do you get when you mix groomsmen with swords, and Dan with a camera?  Voila!   (No groomsmen…or photographers were harmed during creation of these images;)

Sigh….so happy and wedding-like….haha! Boys will be boys!

Dan discovered this really cool technique and decided to try it out at Sara and Steve’s wedding.  Basically, he thew his camera up in the air with a fisheye lens on the camera and this is what we got!  Let us know what you think!

We just had to shoot in this cool sitting room, sweet windows, sweet floor, and again, sweet chandelier!  Everyone in the wedding party was so great and fun, we had an wicked time with everyone!

Just a few last shots of Sara and Steve before we left the house.  This was a special request from Sara, to get some shots of her and Steve incorporating the beautiful floors somehow.  I just love the image above on the right that Dan took!

Dan loves this image above that I quickly snapped…
Steve had given us this location to check out the day before the wedding:  Caffe Sorrentino.  He had made a call days before to clear with the manager for all of us to head over and take some photos.  Such a great idea!  The staff was super nice and the place is so cute and trendy!  Really good chai lattes too:)

I have to say that these two are so much fun.  They have so much personality and character, it was so easy to capture their essence.  They are such a sweet couple and Dan and I had a rockin’ time with them.

On to the ceremony at the Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church. The officiant is Steve’s brother-in-law, and his sermon was hilarious and he got lots of people laughing.

Best exit ever!

As Steve is a fireman, it’s of course so fitting to drop by one of the fire stations in Edmonton.  Dan and I dropped in the day before as well, and the guys there were so kind. They washed the trucks and tidied up, just for us!

Jumping shots always a fav!

As we were about to get Sara in the driver’s seat in one of the trucks, Steve’s trained ears picked up on a beeping sound coming from the truck that the rest of us hadn’t noticed.  An alert!  Of course!  Just as we were getting really creative with the trucks, there was an emergency call! So unfortunately, the firemen had to leave right away with their trucks, but duty called!

See ya!  Good luck!

The firemen at this hall were kind enough to still let us use the inside of the hall…


This is my favorite shot of the day, because it just shows how comedic and fun Sara and Steve are!

And yes….an epic shot of course!

Sara was craving some slurpees, so we make a pit stop at a Mac’s before heading to our next location.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and it was even a little warm!  So slurpees were totally justifiable.

Our next location was at the staircase to a parkade right across from the University of Alberta. Fortunately our bride and groom were willing to hike up to the sixth level!!  The light here was SO amazing!  Good thing we had those slurpees ‘cuz it was hot in this staircase!

After the staircase, we headed out to the roof top!

Yes….Dan was dangling off the side of here to get the shot.  God forbid he dropped his new lens!! JK;)I think we should invest in a harness for Dan…

The U of A has this really cool yellow building called the Butter Dome (if I remember correctly).  Thanks again Sara and Steve for willing to get up on this high ledge!  Man, we ask our couples to be daredevils sometimes!

Steve must have connections all around the city.  He pulled some strings to we could get into Fort Edmonton for some photos for FREE!!  Such cute buildings!

Sara pulled out this cute cute cute blue antique umbrella that totally matched the theme of Fort Edmonton, and Steve had a wicked cane.


Umbrella and cane!

Our last building at Fort Edmonton was the little white church, great shot Dan!

Of course there were little firemen trinkets around the reception hall at the Edmonton Country Club.

Steve’s nieces and nephew were so adorable, and loved the camera!

We almost forgot we were in Edmonton, until the Oilers jerseys came out.  Sara’s parents were celebrating their patriotism to the Edmonton Oilers, and pointing out to everyone that Steve (a very talented and gifted hockey player) is a hockey star!  There was one guest who is a Canucks fan, and they totally picked on him and made him put an Oilers jersey on!!  I went up to him later and jokingly said us photographers had his back haha!

Tower of cupcakes!

An on to the dance floor for the first dance, and the father-daughter dance…

Dan and I truly feel so blessed to have been part of Sara and Steve’s wedding.  It was so great to get to know them better, and to see that these two are hard-core Christians and value a God-centered relationship.  It was a really inspiring to see such faithful people, and it honestly inspired Dan and me to be more Christ-like.  Sara and Steve are such kind people, and most of all FUN!

Thank you to everyone we met at the wedding, everyone was so kind to us!  And it was awesome to see Ashley and Cory again:)

And thank you Sara and Steve for such a memorable day, it was a delight to have been there!

Check out there slideshowHERE!

Check out there PhotoBooth HERE!

God bless,


Thanks for your kind words Dennis!!!

you guys rocked this wedding SO hard. Almost every image in this set is mind blowing. Fantastic job!

Hey Kat!! Thanks! We’re sorry we didn’t come say goodbye to you after the wedding :( But it was super nice to meet you, and glad we hung out all day! Oh and I’m already done my baggie of candy…lol

I woke up this morning with one mission on my mind – to find the photo that you threw the camera up in the air – amazing. Love it!

Juan Pablo

There are some amazing shots on this post. You are an inspiration, I'm just starting in the business and I'm in awe of what you guys come up with.

Thanks a lot for sharing what you do


These are truly some of the coolest wedding shots I have ever seen. You guys do some amazing work.


Absolutely wonderful shots! It looks like a great time. :-D


Thanks everyone! Bethany, I remember you saying you were looking forward to seeing all the images…so I hope we lived up to your expectations!



Wow guys those are all absolutely fantastic! You got so, so many great shots, and they definitely look like a very fun couple :)


Wow Kat, amazing! I love the one with Sara in the boots. You totally captured their amazing day and well, them!

Shandro Photo

Great work guys! That house is AMAZING. Great having you here.

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| Saavy Bride Wedding Show | 03.28.10 |

Hey y’all!  We will be at the Saavy Bride Showcase at the Coast Plaza Hotel Downtown Vancouver on Sunday March 28th, 2010!  There’s a really trendy theme going on that Kerry Reid and her team from the Fairy Godmother Weddings have organized for the show:)

Come check out some great vendors and some fashion shows and some yummy treats.

Need tickets?  Just give us a shout and we’ll email you some!

Hope to see you there!


great work!

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| Van & Eric | Engaged |

Vancouver Engagement Session

We were stoked to meet up with Van and Eric again for their engagement session, it had been a while since we last saw then in July 2009.  They suggested a great idea of doing some shots at Kits beach, and then head down to Burrard Station to catch some of the cherry blossoms.  Here’s a list of top cherry blossom locations in Vancouver:  http://www.vcbf.ca/cherryviewing/maps

Dan and I had a great time hanging out with these two, and they looked so great dressed up in formal attire!  Thank goodness it was a beautiful sunny day – it rained cats and dogs the day after!

At Kits beach, we stopped by the Watermark Restaurant and borrowed their staircase for some candid shots.  This was a great find, so simple to shoot through glass, and we love how these turned out!

Using my reflection to frame up Van and Eric…love this shot!

Dan and I joined Van and Eric inside to get some power shots!  Dan did a great job of setting this one up:)

Van is so gorgeous in this shot!  Great lighting, great pose, great expression!

We were just about to leave this location having just used to staircase, when we spotted a little bench and a cool gigantic lamp/pot…thing…up in the corner.  I quickly wanted to snap a few shots and try out a pose we saw world renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionisteach in an online workshop.  I shot it without expectations, but we both ended up shooting some cool shots!  Love the vintage feel Dan gave these images in post!

Gettin’ a little artsy!

The Watermark Restaurant is a great architectural building!

Van brought a cute Japanese silk umbrella as a prop and it was great to use!  Van makes this session look like it’s warm out….it was quite chilling down by the beach.  Thanks Van for being so brave!

Shoes shoes shoes….such a great accessory.  Van got these fancy Nine West shoes for a steal of a deal at Winners!

We all packed into Eric’s car and headed down to Burrard Station to capture the cherry blossom season.  This location has cherry blossom trees all around, and serves an attraction to many…many with their cameras who snapped shots of the lovely bride and groom-to-be:)

This is one of my favorites of the day.  Such a photogenic couple!

The sun was great and exactly where we needed it to be.  We loved how Van and Eric interacted with each other.

We felt confident we had lots of great images and we were happy with what we had done…….but I knew Dan had one more shot up his sleeve that he wanted.  He gets that look on his face, and wanders around looking for the best spot, then sets up the couple and does a few test shots, and shouts, “YES!”  That was this shot.  And the next.

We had a fantastic time with Van and Eric, we’re sooooo excited for their wedding on July 31st!

Thanks for a great shoot!

Kat & Dan

De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)



Thanks guys!!!


wow these are great! You guys are incredibly creative!

. s h e r r y *

I love all the shots with the cherry blossoms! <3

Amanda Dunlop

The window reflection shots at the beginning are great! Nice artsy look, but great interaction between the couple at the same time. I also second Haley's comment regarding the cherry blossoms vs mud, snow and dead trees.

Haley Shandro

I love that last one! Can't believe you have beautiful cherry blossoms there already. I'm still looking at mud, snow, and dead trees.

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