| Carolyn & Kevin | Engaged |

Carolyn and Kevin got in touch with us through Jo and Austin (who we photographed last summer)….oh how we love referrals!  The first time we met up was in Surrey, a middle point for them who came from Langley, and us in Tsawwassen.  I felt so bad as we drove up to the Wired Monk on HWY 10 and 152nd Street…there they were, standing….outside…the coffee shop was closed! Whoops!  We ended up at the Tim Horton’s there, and started to get to know each other.

Carolyn is in seminary school at Trinity Western and Kevin is a youth pastor at their church in Langley.  They’ve both devoted their lives to God, and that in our books is totally rad.

We’re looking forward to their wedding NEXT WEEKEND!!  Enjoy some e-session shots we did with the around downtown Vancouver a few weekends ago!

Carolyn and Kevin were our guinea pigs for our new 16″ beauty dish and grid.  Result?  LOVE IT!

At the Terry Fox Memorial Arch at BC Place at Beatty and Robson…LOVE IT!!  Can you tell we’re kind of lighting geeks? Down some alley….for a few natural lit stuff….lovin’ that blue wall tooOur final location was down by Canada Place…we had to hike a bit to get here along this point…and Dan…well…trespassing isn’t a big deal right?!  He had to get to another dock to shoot this image above…a dock that was all locked and barbed wired shut….oh Dan… :SSuper cute!Ok I lied…Granville Street was our last location!  And a slight outfit change!  Love your hat Carolyn!We’ll, we had a great time with Carolyn and Kevin, and looking forward to a full day with them this coming weekend at Swan-E-Set!

Slide show below!



[...] had just shot Carolyn and Kevin’s engagement session a few weeks ago, so they were still fresh in our minds and we were excited to see them commit to [...]

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| Jesse & Erica | Married | 08.21.10 |

We met Jesse and Erica through a mutual friend of Jesse’s, Mr. Barry Calhoun (who is shooting our wedding next year!).  It was through Barry that we also met Jesse’s mom, Patti, who owns Fluff - where Dan and I rent some of our furniture for various wedding shows!  Jesse and Erica live in Edmonton, yet decided to have their wedding our here on the coast….specifically at Jesse’s parent’s our in North Van.  Earlier this Spring, we went over to their home to see the landscape and surrounding areas.  The whole house was being gutted!!   Big plans were in place for the new house!  Unfortunately the renos were not able to be completed on time, but that didn’t stop Jesse and Erica from having their 80 person ceremony in the backyard, and it was so cute and intimate.

The day was great! Great people, great weather, great locations!  After GREAT photos, we headed to the Capilano Suspension Bridge for their outdoor reception.  There was such a great atmosphere, and everyone was super nice.  The photo booth was EPIC….particularly near the end…y’all see the slide show!

Enjoy some favorites of the day!

The bridal party got ready at the Holiday Inn in North Van.  Apparently all that Dan and the guys did while getting ready was geek out over iPads!  That’s alright…I got to hang out with Erica and the ladies, and Jesse and Erica’s little baby girl!  She’s such a darling!

Back at the Houston house, there were beverages and snacks as guests arrived, and some musical entertainment…this guy was goooood!

I just loved how casual and intimate Jesse and Erica’s wedding was.  All their guests stood around them, everyone was close by, in the comfort and privacy of the Houston’s backyard.  So awesome.

After some mingling and family photos, we stayed a while in the backyard to begin the creatives. The backyard is like a jungle!

Jesse is an AVID motorcycle rider…he and some of his groomsmen rode all the way from Edmonton!!  So we had to grab a shot of the lovely bride and groom on his bike!

Oh the notorious camera-in-air shot aka “The Camera Toss”…I always try to remind Dan to smile….lolWe always wanted to try shooting under one of these electrical tower things… happen to have found one that morning!  Sweeet…

The wedding party!

This was a great location, and we shot quite a bit here.

Pit stop!!  Request from the bride and groom!  Starbucks is where Jesse and Erica had their first date back in Edmonton!

It was very kind of the newlyweds to buy a drink for their entire wedding party, and us!  (Thanks guys for that!)  The guy at the till was also nice enough to give them half off everything! After the refreshing bevies, we stole just Jesse and Erica (and their baby girl) for some shots at the Cleveland Dam.


And we just had to jump on the bridge for a few shots too.;)

Thankfully there weren’t too many people…surprisingly!Dinner was great.  Super casual and chill, food was good, as were speeches and dessert PLUS everyone got a free ticket for admission to the Capilano Bridge!  Very cool…!  Later in the night, everyone headed inside one of the buildings for more mingling and drinks, and that fun photo booth we mentioned earlier!

It was a pleasure Jesse and Erica, we wish all the best to you and your new family!

Check out their slide show below!



Mark K

i like

Simon Marks

My cousin recommended this blog, your guys work is wicked!

Thanks Krista! Always fun to do!

Erica! Thanks for having US be part of your day!


Awesome! A perfect day captured by perfect shots!!
Thanks for being a part of our special day! You guys are amazing!!

Love the Camera Toss!

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| Kristen & Bryan | Married | 08.15.10 |

Another hot summer day!  It was boiling hot when Dan and I drove up to Bryan’s dad’s house in Cloverdale, and how happy and relieved to find out the house had AC.  God bless air conditioning!  I especially felt bad for the guys who were in black tuxes!  The day continued on to be super hot, but despite the heat, everyone was in such great spirits.

Some highlights of the day!

Shot a few details of Bryan and his boys before meeting Kristen at her MOH’s house.There were so many details that Kristen had that I loved!  The shoes – great color!  And super sexy!  I was super excited when I first saw Kristen’s dress – it was the first dress that I chose for my wedding!  I ended up going with another dress, but it was so great to see and photography Kristen in that dress!!Kristen’s mom and maid of honor putting on the dress!Their ceremony and reception took place at Beecher Place in White Rock. A sweet intimate venue, it served perfectly for their 40 people wedding!Kristen being walked down by her father…great shot Dan!It was a great view from the deck at Beecher Place…just wait till the last image!Officially married!We quickly made our way to a set of train tracks after the lovely ceremony.  It was a bit of a rough walk for the girls in their heels, but they made it through!!  Did I mention how much I loved Kristen’s dress!?  Love the side profile of the dress!!We then headed to the White Rock Marina where there was a field and lotsa boats!Love this image!Oohh lala!  Love this too!  Dan’s great at getting the right angle

Yay powerful lights. The above shot is straight from camera, no post-processing required!:)
Driving away from the Marina, there were some lovely willow trees, and just as we started to shoot, the train started chugging by.  Love the train in the background, it’s so subtle!Dan’s extraordinary climbing skills came to the rescue for this shot!  Back to Beecher Place for the reception!Cheers boys!Gorgeous!! We rocked the photo booth outside on the balcony – the sun acted as a kicker!  FYI you photographer geeks;)Awesome end to the night eh?!!  What a spectacular sunset!

Thanks Kristen and Bryan for having us be part of your wedding, all the best to you guys!



Thanks Elaine….we’re so glad you still check our stuff out and give us feedback!!

Elaine Schick

Fabulous pictures. Love the girls dresses and shoes. More ‘perfect shots’ to add to your collection.

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