| Lana & Chris | Married | 07.03.10 |

Holy toledo. What an awesome wedding.  After shooting two full weddings and getting less than six hours of sleep, Dan and I were on our way to Harrison Hot Springs on July 3rd to be part of Lana and Chris’ wedding at Minter Gardens.  We left Dan’s house at 7am, stopped for Starbucks (our little ritual before weddings…4 shot Americano for Dan and a Chai Latte for me), and we made the two hour drive in an hour and 20 minutes.  Arriving at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa where Lana and Chris were getting ready, dark, heavy gray clouds lingered over Harrison Lake.  Oh no!! Lana was getting ready on the 8th floor, and the sound of the wind from up there was intense!  Throughout the time the guys and girls were getting ready, Dan and I kept checking the weather….please no rain!

We were spending the entire day with Lana and Chris and their friends and family, and hanging out with the ladies while they got ready was an awesome way to get to know them before wedding took place.  Lana’s sister did make-up, while another bridesmaid did hair, and they did an amazing job!

When I first pulled out Lana’s wedding dress from it’s protective cover, I literally gasped in excitement!  GORGEOUS!!  We still had 3 hours till Lana had to get into her dress and I COULDN’T WAIT!  I was so excited for Chris to see her too!

The weather was a blessing.  Not a single rain drop!  And though it wasn’t sunny (except for a 10 minute window where the sun made an appearance) it wasn’t cold at all.  Weird July weather!

The day went on without a glitch.  A beautiful ceremony, amazing creatives, and a stellar reception!  Dan and I had so much fun with everyone, and even though we were pretty bagged at the end of the night, we wanted to stay and hang out and dance!

Here are more than a few favorites of the day!  We hope everyone enjoys!

Details!  Oh how I love details!  Lana gave me lots to work with!  Her sister had the bracelet on the bottom left made from the pearls of their grandmother’s necklace.  What a great keepsake!

Seriously, is that not a fabulous dress or what!?Chris had nice attire too…lol!  The boys were ready way before the girls, so they did a bunch of great shots outside on the dock.  Chris’ groomsmen got him a flask!  “We got your back” is what part of the engrave message says.  Awww!Lana and Chris had gifts for each other; Lana got Chris a Canon Rebel T2i (awesome!) and Chris got Lana a beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace and Tiffany shades (top left photo) as well as a bottle of champagne and an awesome decorative pot!

Everyone helped Lana get ready; her sister did the buttons up on her dress, her mother helped Lana put on the garter (the garter is her mom’s garter from her parent’s wedding!), and her dad put on the pearl bracelet.STUNNING!!  Just stunning!At Minter Garden’s before the ceremony, the minister having a quick chat with the guys…It was a beautiful and sincere ceremony, with a few tears here and there!Officially married!!Lana’s choice in everything was so great – the coral for the bridesmaids….such a great color!!  And the flowers match perfectly!  What a great bunch of ladies here, they were so nice and kind and FUN!And the gentlemen!  What’s a wedding party without a lil’ tequila, fireball, and vodka! Check out those clouds!!  Super sunny days aren’t always ideal…!There was this awesome waterfall and I was backlighting this as Dan shot a whole bunch of photos here.  Minter Garden’s is beautiful garden, our first time shooting here!  Just love this shot!Although we were setting most shots up, we did grab a candid here and there…We had planned to go back to the beach at Harrison Lake for some creatives, but we were running out of time, especially with a 15-20 minute commute from the garden’s to the beach each way.  Instead of doing that, we drove half way to the beach and stopped at this wickedly awesome barn off the side of the highway. We didn’t really know if we could shoot here or not since it was on private property.  The limo driver pulled over, Dan hopped out, and 2 minutes and $20 later, we were allowed to use the barn for creatives.  SaWEEET!!  Best $20 EVER!  We got some AMAZING shots here and we couldn’t have done it without the awesome people who let us use their barn, and the awesome limo driver (who is actually an event planner from Seasons Event Group) who lit for us so Dan and I could both shoot.  Oh I just love how everyone comes together to help out!I did shoot some natural light images as well…Dan and I were fighting over our Norman Flash;) We ventured into the barn as well…kudos to Lana who crawled in with heels…and there were nails sticking out of some of those boards!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot!Time for just a few more shots, and we did some in the field next to the barn.  Harrison is so beautiful!  Some quick details of the candy bar….drool….candy is my weak spot.Everyone had a fantastic speech.  It was great to learn more about Lana and Chris, who have been together since high school, and endured a long-distance relationship after high school.  Lana and Chris are so great together!First dance!  Ok.  So….best dance ever!  This group of guys had a whole routine set and danced to it without hesitation!  Song:  Blah Blah Blah by Kesha.  It started off as a bit of a dance off between the two guys on the right, and then a little fight to bring in some other guys, and then they broke out into a synchronized routine and it was AWESOME!!  I have never enjoyed a wedding dance like this before!  Everyone was laughing and clapping and whistling, oh it was fantastic. I wished then and there that I had video capabilities!!Un-choreographed dancing resumed, and everyone got into it!

There are no words,  Dan and I had SO MUCH FUN.  We are incredibly excited for Lana and Chris to begin their marriage, and just speechless about their photos.

We wish Lana and Chris all the best!

Their slide show is HERE!

Their PhotoBooth slide show is HERE!



[...] of beer at The Whip near our loft, about a year and a half ago.  We discovered then that they know Lana and Chris, whose wedding we shot last July!  We barely talked about wedding stuff, and got carried away with [...]

[...]  What an awesome way to get to know people: over chalices of beer.  We found out that they knew Lana and Chris (whose wedding we hadn’t shot yet).  Cool!  We learned that Jess’s friends nicknamed [...]


nice job at the harrison wedding INCREDIBLE SHOTS xxx

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Beautiful! lovely work!

Thanks Ashley!! We’re so glad you still check out our work :)


!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!
One of my favorites you guys have ever done! Those barn/field shots are amazing!!!!!!

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| Yvonne & Victor | Married | 07.02.10 |

Second wedding of the weekend.  The forecast predicted rain.  But tada!  Typical Vancouver weather:  unpredictable!   We were very blessed with a very sunny day on July 2nd.  We met up with Yvonne and Victor in the afternoon to do some creatives around Coal Harbor before driving to the Brock House for their ceremony and reception.

Yvonne and Victor are such a cute, quiet couple and it was great to get to know them better as the day went on.  What a beautiful ceremony it was at the Brock House, facing the gorgeous BC mountains, with the sun shining bright, and close friends and family around.

Here are some favs of the day! Enjoy!

Key Shifting!  Always a winner. Public Art!  Not always a winner, but definitely yes in this case!!

I love how brides these days do something a little different and funky for their shoes, and I LOVE Yvonne’s shoes!  Her favorite color is blue, we learned.  Shoes, toe nails, maid of honor’s dress, wedding cake…bouquet, all blue!A Dan shot!A Kat shot!The tea ceremony was held right before the wedding ceremony.  Close family gathered before most guests started to arrive, to pass down jewelry and lucky money, and their blessings and wishes upon Yvonne and Victor. Here comes the bride!  First Kiss!After some family photos and some mingling, we snuck away from the Brock House and ended up in the sand at Jericho Beach.  Cool shot by Dan!We couldn’t resist using the window space in the lobby area of the Brock House!That cake looks so beautiful! As dinner came to an end, speeches started.  Yvonne’s brother was the MC for the night, and presented Victor with this banner.  Aww!The best man gave an AWESOME speech! I am giving this speech first prize!  Oh it was so funny, and everyone was laughing big time!  Cake cutting! Boy it was a delicious cake!The first dance!

It was great time spending the day with Yvonne and Victor!  We had awesome people at our table to converse with and get to know, and it was super seeing Ramona and Kevin again!

Slide show HERE!

PhotoBooth Slide show HERE!



Dan & KAT!!!! Maros…. there are two of us yah know, jk ;) Thanks for the blog luv bro!

love that first pic
super awesome stuff Dan!


These are great shots!!!! You guys make the cake look so yummy! Can’t wait to see the slide show! Thanks again for everything!


These are great shots!!! You guys make the cake look so good! Can’t wait to see the slideshow!!!!!

Kevin Ng

Beautiful pics! Great job guys! Thanks for the shout-out to Ramona and me haha! :)

We had a great time with you and Yvonne, thanks for having us be part of your wedding day! This week we promise to slow it down and rest a few days…definitely need it! And yes – we know exactly who to call! Hope you guys are enjoying your first week being married :)

I don’t know how you two do it! Thanks for all the great work that you’re doing and hopefully you’re getting a chance to take good care of yourselves. If you need a vitamin shot or something, you know who to call. :)

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| Mireille & Adam | Engaged |

Mireille and Adam got in touch with us a few months ago after we shot Alicia and Matt’s e-session at SFU.  Mireille and Matt work together, and our names came up during wedding planning conversations.  After having to reschedule a few times due to weather (what is with this Junuary weather!?!) we were able to get together on a very nice Tuesday  evening.

Mireille and Adam are getting married in Ontario next July, and Dan and I had the priviledge to shoot their engagement session in White Rock.

Here are some favorites of the day, enjoy!!

Finding shade on a sunny day on these steps.  Love the framing by the leaves of this bush I shot through.We came across a cool mural.  Liking the vintage feel Dan gave to this shot and the next!Candid moments – my favorite.Even though we scout locations and plan for certain shots, we almost always stray from the plan and do something that we’re inspired by in the moment.  Dan got inspired by the ocean and decided to go for a dip to shoot this.  What a trooper…wet shorts for the rest of the session…but the shot looks amazing!!!Can’t get over this one!  The texture of the rock is so great.Away from the ocean now.The sun was just perfect on this Tuesday evening.  This light on them here is so nice!I love it when we find a location we want to shoot at and Dan and I have totally different visions of how to use the space.  Dan’s shot is above and the framing around Mireille and Adam is exquisite!
This is how I shot the same spot and set up, with help of a scrim to create a softer light.  Wow!!  Mireille has seriously gorgeous eyes!!  Dan went crazy and shot tons!  To go along with a beautiful face, is a beautiful engagement ring!

Thanks for a great session guys and for sharing part of your wedding experience with us.  We wish you all the best in your wedding planning and we hope you have a fantastic wedding day!

Their slide show HERE!!



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