| BC Wedding Awards | 2010

Dan and I would just like to thank all our wonderful brides and grooms, their awesome families and friends, and the many talented wedding vendors we have worked with over the years.  There are so many people hard at work at these weddings.  From the makeup artist to the bartender, the chauffeur to the chefs, people behind the scenes, and people running the scenes.  At the end of the day, we’re all a team working towards one goal.

This was the first year for the BC Wedding Awards in Vancouver, the gala held on December 1st at District 319.  A night of mingling, eating wonderfully delicious appetizers, taking goofy pictures at the photo booth, and sipping on the amazing ‘Love Potion’ drink (which the proceeds went to the non-profit Intersections Media Opportunities for Youth Society).  We encourage everyone to check out their site!  What a great cause!

That night, Dan and I had our good friends Naz and Scott over for dinner before heading out to the gala.  We got all dressed up, and arrived fashionably late.  We all claimed seats for awards ceremony because Naz and I sure didn’t want to stand in our heels all night!  (Fancy sparkly heels that I bought 2 hours before the show!)

What a great opportunity to celebrate the diversified talent in our wedding industry.  And boy was Fred Lee from CBC Radio One a great host!  He got everyone laughing!  It was great to see other skilled artist who are good at what they do win awards that they deserve.

In all honesty, Dan and I were a little nervous and hopeful of winning something in the photography section (yah…we got a bit giddy….!)  But I was quick to let go of those hopes because there are so many talented photographers in BC, and what were the chances of wining anything!?  I didn’t get my hopes up in order to not be disappointed.  When the category of “Best Candid/Photojournalism Photo” came up, I whispered to Dan, “Ahh!  I don’t even remember what we submitted for this category!” and then…..Stone Photo was called!  And again for “Best Detail Photo”.  Wow.

It’s a great feeling to be recognized for our work, and we thank everyone involved with the BC Wedding Awards.

Congrats to our bride and groom Stephanie and Mike who were married on June 5th, 2010!  Amazing shoes!  Thank you to our bride and groom Jose and Veronika for sharing such an emotional ceremony with us on April 24th, 2010!

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!

We’re looking forward to seeing all the amazing work for next year’s gala!




Congrats!! I’m so happy for you guys, and you totally deserve it!

Congrats guys! Both are awesome photos, a well deserved win!

Congrats you guys! Well deserved!



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| Kaitlyn & Bryce | Married | 10.23.10 |

When we first met Kaitlyn and Bryce, it was at her parent’s house in South Surrey.  We typically meet at coffee shops, but they kindly invited us to into their home to discuss wedding photography. I have to say, there was an instant something….spark, connection, whatever it may be.  I fell in love with everyone – Kaitlyn, Bryce, her mother, her father (and their dog!)   Good, honest, down-to-earth people.  Before making any firm decision, they were already talking about where they would want to do their engagement session! (Check it out!)  As we were leaving their place that night, Dan and I stopped by a local diner for dinner, and we talk the entire meal about much we liked them, how awesome it would be to shoot their wedding, and crossing our fingers for a call back.  Evidently, we did get that call!

Upon arrive to Kaitlyn’s parent’s home on the day of the wedding, I got cracking right away on Kaitlyn’s accessories.  As she was giving me each necklace, pair of earring, and different rings, she explained the significances to them.  Her grandmother’s earrings and ring, a necklace that was worn by her mother and aunts when they were married, and even her grandfathers’ cuff links on her bouquet stem.  I immediately sensed that family was above all.  How amazing is it to have a little piece of everyone with you, in whatever form it may be.  It makes your wedding day unique and special, and continues a family tradition that is irreplaceable. Priceless.

The awesome part of shooting weddings – seeing all the different types of dresses!!  You can only have one wedding dress (well, typically), but sometimes if feels like there are 10 dress that you want to wear on your wedding day (or am I the only one!!)  Like I said, the awesome part of shooting weddings – living vicariously through my brides!  Kaitlyn – your dress was AMAZING! Love it love it love it!!And you looked so stunning in it!  Kaitlyn’s MOH, Melissa, helping her get in the dress….we have mutual friends, as we found out on facebook after the wedding – small world!!

So Dan…do you feel the same way about suits and tuxes as I do about wedding dresses!?!?  Lol!  Love Dan’s placement of Bryce’s tie on his vest and jacket.  Dan’s architectural eye at work here;)Some shifty work going on here!  We rented a shift lens for Kaitlyn and Bryce’s wedding – now that’s one lens on my Christmas list this year Da…Santa!As always, Swan-E-Set is such a lovely location!The weather was BEAUTIFUL in the morning!  The sun was shining, no major clouds, it was even a bit warm!  As soon as the ceremony ended and we all got outside to do some creatives, boo the weather started acting up.  Fortunately we had a prepared bride and groom!  Umbrellas for everyone!  Hey, it still worked out!  And a huge kudos to the entire wedding party for being so awesome in the rain – it’s not fun or easy or pleasant trying to smile and look warm when it’s cold and wet! Good job guys!So like….awesome!  Kaitlyn knows how to work it!   ’68 Mustang!!  All I can say is that Dan had looking forward to shooting Kaitlyn’s dad’s vintage car all summer long.  All. Summer. Long.  Pretty awesome car.  Thanks to Kaitlyn’s younger brother Morgan, for being chauffeur during creatives!  Turns out we have a mutual friend too…small world!  Cool angle Dan!Beautiful.  Just gorgeous.  Kaitlyn was such a perfect bride!  So beautiful, so fun, so full of energy!  Spending more time with the bride in the morning as she gets ready with her ladies naturally allows me to get to know her much better than before. Likewise with Dan and the groom and his boys.  I didn’t get to know Bryce as well as Kaitlyn, but his gentle demeanor and his smile spoke volumes.  Everyone had a great speech!There’s always a first for everything.  On this day, it was our first time experiencing a black out at a wedding!  Yep, the power in the entire area went out, right after dessert was served.  Nightmare?  Not really.  The staff at Swan-E-Set started bringing out loads of candles, and it was actually quite romantic!  Especially when it came for the first dance!  We had to bust out our batteries for our flashed at the photo booth, and it worked just fine!  Hard to focus in the dark though ;p

It was great to see almost everyone out on the dance floor!  What did I tell ya!  Model material!!!Love that you can see a few rain drops that the flash is lighting up!

Check out their slide show below!





wow, thos last two images are breath taking. Insane work. I love you guys.

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| Kristy & Matt | Married | 10.10.16 |

Kristy and Matt!  What a great couple, and what a fantastic wedding!  Held at Swan-e-Set, their wedding was SO.MUCH.FUN.  The photo booth, the dancing, the speeches…all so great.

The girls got ready at Kristy and Matt’s place in Langley.  There were some awesome details there, including M&M’s with their names and wedding date! Enjoy our favorites of the day!

Talk about getting creative!  Kristy bought her shoes white, and dyed them green, and then added two broches!  Clever!  And again….another dress I fell in love with!  What’s a wedding morning without a few cigars, eh!!?First look just before the ceremony!!Dan and our super assistant Mark found a blueberry farm to shoot in, not too far from Swan-e-Set.  It was pretty mucky, but we worked out a system to get those two where they’re standing in photo above and below…thanks you guys for being up for this!  It was worth it!!Some group shots along that infamous road…
Kristy had an amazing bouquet!  Love the calla lily and rose combo, and the white pearls on the stem!Ok, cutest little flower girl ever.  It was a beautiful and sunny day!As always at Swan-e-Set, the bridal party gets a set of golf clubs to play around with….The light was SO beautiful at this time….!!!
Again, amazing decor by Wedding Design Studios…they always do a stunning job!Oooh la la!Cake cutting and first dance!
Thanks for an awesome day!!

Check out their slide show below!



No way! Small world! Matt and Kristy ARE rad!! Jealous you were on a cruise! ;p Thanks for the kind comments!! Hope your season has gone well!

met these guys on a cruise last week in the caribbean. they were guests at a wedding i was shooting. awesome awesome awesome people. and these photos? ya. rad. surprised? i’m not. for you, you my friends, are rad as well. rad to the power of two. and when you factor in Kristy and Matt’s radness? rad to the power of 4.see where this is going? its just rad. and a lot of it. :)

Elaine Schick

I always wait for that ring shot and Kat outdid herself again. Love the shoes. Gorgeous bride. The blueberry farm was a great idea.

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