| Royal Wedding: Wedding of the Century |

It’s an official countdown now.  Prince William and Kate are getting married in less than 24 hours.  It’s a big day in wedding world!  Maybe one of the biggest!  As excited as I am to watch this Royal Wedding, and to see this historical event unfold, there’s a small part of me that can’t help but feel a bit sympathetic for them.  The whole world will be watching!!   People have been placing bets on their marriage, on their children, on their divorce…awful!  People are making money off their wedding!  Coins and toys and trinkets being made of them, even latte art!  Wow!  A movie was made of their relationship!  Yikes! I mean common’, does anyone else feel a little bad for them?  Being a shy and private person myself, I couldn’t image having all that attention.  50 people at our wedding was almost too much for me!   But I understand it comes with the territory.   I will admit, I had an innocent crush on Prince William growing up, we’ve seen him and Prince Harry grow up over the decades, we were there during their parent’s divorce and mother’s tragic death.  You can’t help but be happy for Prince William and the Princess to be and want to be part of their day.  It’s a modern day fairytale.  Tomorrow morning at 3am, my best friend and I are getting up to watch this historical wedding take place.  Hypocritical as it may seem, it’s a wedding of a lifetime and it’s just something I can’t miss.  I haven’t gone as far as buying Pezz dispensers, or making a pizza of their portrait, but I guess everyone has their own way of celebrating.


Definitely talent! Yeah, my body might hate me later in the day for getting up so early!

I love the latte’s! that’s talent. I think I won’t get up that early but I hope to catch some of it!

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| Kristal & Ben | Engaged |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

We always look forward to our e-sessions.  Sometimes it’s almost a year since the initial meeting with our couples that we see them again.  The e-session day is kind of like a mini reunion, where we re-familiarize and hear all the updates for their wedding.  It was great seeing Kristal and Ben last weekend and getting to know them better.  They’re are awesome people and so easy to photograph! And they’re fashionable!  I think the first words out of Dan’s mouth was, “Kristal, I love your jacket!!”  That jacket is pretty cool!

Thank goodness the weather held up, as we all know, this weather is nuts and it’s hard to schedule shoots with all these unpredictable weather changes.  We roamed a little bit around Gastown for a rustic feel, then headed to the Convention Centre, and then found some beautiful Cherry Blossom trees near Coal Harbour to capture softer and lighter images.  We can’t wait for their July 16th wedding!!

Hope you all enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

aToo see more photos, check out their slide show below!!




Haha! Thanks Maros! Hopefully we’ll see you and Nancy soon! Can’t wait to see your recent Vancouver wedding :)

hey guys
great pictures!
love them all

Vancouver is so great for locations and stone photo!
all the best

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| Vegas Baby | WPPI |

Hey all!

Long time no bloggin’. We haven’t been just hanging out and enjoying married life (okay maybe a little). Since our wedding, we’ve had copious amounts of meetings and have been booking heavily for 2011 and 2012. Then we were inVegas (our first time ever!) for WPPI in the middle of February!

For those who aren’t familiar with WPPI, it’s an annual wedding and portrait photography convention held in Vegas, and this year there were over 16,000 photographers from around the world!  That’s incredible!  We were there to learn from top notch photographers in the industry, and be inspired to take our business to the next level.

Hope you all enjoy a little tie-you-over blog of our Vegas adventure. We learned a lot and walked a lot and ate a lot… ummm… ever been to the “Hash House A Go Go“?  Next time you’re in Vegas, be sure to check it out!   Waffles and fried chicken!?!  Whoa!

Just a few quick snaps walking around town. We had never been to Vegas and didn’t realize that “across the street” is like a 20 minute venture… 

Aside from a great deal of learning that was done from speakers like Becker, Mike Larson, Jerry Ghonis, JVS… we checked out the trade show and found lots of great new products for the upcoming season!  Oh, and we found some time to seriously clown about on the strip.Okay, check out that burger (bottom left)… it was like the size of Kat’s head… that’s what Dan ate, the server actually said, “We don’t really expect you to finish.”  Kat’s plate of hash (FYI ‘hash’ is a southern meal of sorts) wasn’t any smaller…. Hahaha, Dan finished his and then ate a third of Kat’s meal too….. right before the plane ride home too:(What a wicked time!  We’re already looking forward to next year and not staying at a hotel that’s a 25 min walk away from the convention with 8am classes every morning;)


Holy crap, Dan.. you finished that!?!

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