| Lenita & Mingo | Married | 06.19.10 |

It was a beautiful morning on June 19th, and a nice surprise to see the sun since the forecast called for cloud and rain.  Lenita and her sister/bridesmaid got ready at their parent’s house in Burnaby.  It was a very early start to the day, and despite Lenita’s few hours of sleep the night before, everyone was pumped!

What a fun filled day it was!  Lenita and Mingo’s ceremony was held at the Queen Elizabeth Park Celebration Pavilion.  It was our first time shooting there, and it was great to work at a new venue.

After family photos and a few wedding party shots, close friends and family headed back to Lenita’s parent’s house for a casual lunch, and an emotional tea ceremony.  There was a giant roasted pig and it was awesome!  And tasty!

Before heading to the reception at the Victoria Chinese Restaurant under the Hyatt Recency Hotel, we drove to Coal Harbor for some awesome creatives!

Dinner was simply amazing – 9 course chinese food!  And it was gooooood!  A little cold since Dan, our super assistant Ali and I were running around, but thank you to Lenita’s cousin who made sure we had food on our plates while we were away from the table!

Here are some highlights of the day!

Lenita’s hair and make-up ladies did an awesome job! Her dress was very nice and simple with a touch of beading here and there.  Lenita, you looked gooooooood!!

After dropping me off in Burnaby, Dan drove to Mingo’s father’s home in North Van.  The groom getting ready!  It was smiles all around when Lenita and her father walked down the aisle.  Check out those shades!!  It was really cute when he realized he had them on, and smoothly took them off and handed them to his son-in-law as they approached the minister…!!A nice bright sunny day!  Time for the Norman to come out!!  A beautiful sky to work with too!Hello Rolls Royce! We’ve seen you before!  Love this detail that Dan shot before leaving Queen E. Park.Mingo’s father Tony was the first to receive tea at the tea ceremony.  He spoke to Lenita and Mingo in Italian.  What a cool language!!!  And what a sweet man Tony is!  Lenita’s parent’s were next, followed by aunts and uncles.  Tea ceremonies are a really cool Chinese tradition, and even though Dan and I don’t understand Cantonese (and Italian!), the emotions and interactions between the families spoke volumes, and it was very special to be part of that.  It’s hard to keep back tears!!To the Convention Center!Dan is so great at finding angles and getting that epic shot.  Voila, LOVE IT!!The reception was full of fun toasts, games and speeches and many little children running around!  Cake cutting!!  We were so busy shooting, we didn’t get to taste this yummy looking cake!  Cake is the best part of a wedding!! JK……kind of!Toasts all around the room at every table, after switching into a red dress!  This little fellow Alexander, Lenita’s nephew, is such a sweetheart!  When his mom gave a speech and got teary, he walked up to her with a tissue, and here he hands one to Lenita too. So adorable!The first dance called for another dress change!  While Lenita and her father danced, there was a surprise slide show presentation for her aunts and uncles.  It showed clips of video taken when Lenita was just a baby!  The rest of the night was full of dancing and photo booth!  The crowd was great, especially the Tora Tora Tora girls!  The bottom left photo are the ladies from Lenita’s volleyball team, and they’re a sassy bunch!!

Thank you Lenita and Mingo for such a great day!

Their slide show HERE!



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| Gajing & Vic | Engaged |

I’d say the word to describe our e-session with Gajing and Vic is FUN!  These guys are always smiling, always laughing, they’re such a happy couple, it’s infectious! It was such beautiful and hot sunny Sunday, so much so that some of us got sun burned!

We started off at a park in Burnaby where Vic proposed to Gajing, then drove over to New West for some “gritty” shots, Dan calls it.  We had a blast, and couldn’t have done it without Kathy Lea Moyou, Maid of Honor extraordinaire from Jose and Veronika’s wedding!  Thanks Kathy!! Surprisingly, it wasn’t busy at this park in Burnaby.  Gajing looks ready for summer!  Love that dress!Once again, photographers find beauty in anything, include this fence for ball games…There was a zip line at the playground!  Super fun!“Purple haze all around…”  After shooting in the harsh sun for a bit, we drove off a short distance to New West to find some softer light, straight to Antique Alley!  Such a cool spot with awesome antique stores! After coming home from a shoot, it’s cool for us to see how drastically different we shoot.  Dan above, Kat belowThese guys are such a cute couple! We’re really looking forward to their wedding!After some grit at Antique Alley, we drove to some train tracks that ran under the Pattullo Bridge.   Some minor bruises and panic attacks getting up on this tall concrete ledge….thankfully Vic and Dan are two strong men!  Sorry about the bruises Gajing, and hope you were ok up there Kathy! It’s funny how small of a world it is sometime.  Vic and I went to elementary and highschool together, but never really knew each other, and Gajing knows Sarah, a good friend of ours from church!

We had an awesome shoot, it was really fun to hang out with such a sweet couple, and to have Kathy give us a hand!

Check out their slide show HERE!



Jeff Lemke

Hey Kudos you guys. Lovely couple cool location. Especially like the last group shot.

Awesome work!

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| Stephanie & Michael | Married | 06.05.10 |

Stephanie and Michael got in contact with us by a referral from Blessy’s mom.  We met Steph and Mike last summer at Stephanie’s parent’s house.  It was a hot hot day, and I distinctly remember Stephanie’s mom’s kind gesture of getting us each a nice cold can of Coke and a slice of sponge cake as soon as we sat down at their dining table.  The tables turned quickly as Steph noticed a ring on my hand, and in turn was asking me about when I was getting married.  She then asked who I was engaged to. I giggled a bit and pointed to Dan.  We all had a good laugh.  Maybe it was one of those moments where you had to be there.

Their day came this June 5th, and it was a very spectacular day!  The weather was shady the day before and we all crossed our fingers and prayed for sun for June 5th!  God definitely answered our prayers as it was a beautiful sunny day, without a drop of rain!  Steph and Mike are such a nice couple who come from very kind and generous families.  Dan and I felt like we were guests at their wedding!  It didn’t feel like work at all!

Here are some highlights of the day, it was hard to pick and choose what to show, but we managed!

The day started off the the Hennessey Hair Salon at Oakridge Mall with Steph and her huge possie (paussie?) of ladies.  Three bridesmaids, one junior bridesmaid, two sponsor, two of the cutest flower girls in the world, and grandma, mom and many aunties as well!  The staff at the Hennessey did a great job at hair and makeup!

Back and Mike’s parent’s house, he and his boys were getting ready for the big day.  Steph and Mike bought these two cute Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals on their first date together.  Great candid!I love details.  Love love love shooting rings!  I didn’t even notice a piano for the longest time!  I initially didn’t want the shoes to press down on the keys, but now that it’s done, I like how it turned out!   More ring details…just can’t stop! Steph got her gorgeous dress from Bryan’s Bride at Brentwood Mall and her bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal down in Seattle.  So in love with the colour!

A Rolls Royce limo?  S-w-e-e-t.  These guys know how to roll.  Haha!  No pun intended!  Their ceremony was held at the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish.  What a beautiful church!What a great moment!After the ceremony, we all drove down to the Rose Garden at UBC where had Mike proposed to Steph.It was really fun to work with quite a large wedding party!  Everyone was super nice!Large stoic shot at Irving Library at UBC.  Everyone pulled off stoic very well…!  I am always impressed with girls who can jump in heels.  I can barely stand in heels.  Gangsta!Moving on to just the bride and groom, we stuck around UBC for a bit longer, using the great architecture of Irving Library! So cool.  Couldn’t have done this without our super assistant Ali who lit this while I flung the veil and Dan shot!UBC is really a beautiful campus, and we were lucky it was a sunny day.  Wouldn’t get these cool shadows otherwise!  The left shot is stunning!!Of course we had to shoot on the Rolls Royce! While I was parking the car at the Sutton Place Hotel where their reception was, Dan shot this AWESOME image with the help of a groomsman.  Holy smokes Steph and Mike look so good!Beautiful cake!  It’s a shame these art pieces are all cut up!  But satisfaction in all our tummies!Steph and Mike had such a great entrance to their reception.  They danced in onto the dance floor after their wedding party had danced in as well.  So much fun!  Video definitely captures stuff like this better than photos!The night was filled with lots of toasts and cheers from all around.  One of my favorite things about receptions is that we get to know our couples so much more through stories.  Some aren’t fond of speeches, and true, they can be long and dry, however, everyone gave a great speech this night.  And the MC’s who were Steph’s younger brother and Mike’s younger brother were great! Father-daughter dance, and mother-son dance. The bouquet and garter toss is always fun!  Lots of single ladies and gents!

Wow, we can’t express just how genuinely kind-hearted Steph and Mike are to everyone around them. They went out of their way to make us feel special and included on their day, and that is just so….awesome.  Thank you both so much.

A shout out to Steph’s aunty Evelyn who did an amazing job at planning and organizing the wedding!

And it was a pleasure as always to work along side Erik of Love Story Media and his crew.

Check our slide show for Steph and Mike HERE!

God bless,


[...] with their decision to hire us.  Side note:  Fiona’s daughter Natalie was a bridesmaid in Steph & Mike’s wedding [...]

[...] was also great seeing our last year’s couple, Michael and Stephanie!  We met Fiona and Martin at their wedding last [...]

Stef & Lori,

Thanks for your kind words! We are currently available Aug 6th 2010. As for the Rolls, there is a company in Van the rents them. We could look into it if you like ;)

Lets meet up for a brew and chat wedding details sometime ;)


Stefan Iorio

Hey Dan and Kat,

Nice shots. 2 questions.

1) whats your availability on Aug 6th?

2) and where did these guys get that Rolls Limo! haha. very nice!

thanks alot,

Stef and Lorie!

[...] to our bride and groom Stephanie and Mike who were married on June 5th, 2010!  Amazing shoes!   Thank you to our bride and groom Jose and [...]

LOVE THESE! You guys keep getting better and better. I always enjoy your photos, but these are a notch above. I didn’t think it was possible for you to get better than amazing, but there ya go. :)

The piano picture is outstanding, Kat!

Thanks Erik! Your SDE was wicked! Hopefully we can post it soon :)

Wow Dan and Kat, nice work! I have to say my faves are the detail shots and the gorgeous ceremony shots.

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