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We always look forward to our e-sessions.  Sometimes it’s almost a year since the initial meeting with our couples that we see them again.  The e-session day is kind of like a mini reunion, where we re-familiarize and hear all the updates for their wedding.  It was great seeing Kristal and Ben last weekend and getting to know them better.  They’re are awesome people and so easy to photograph! And they’re fashionable!  I think the first words out of Dan’s mouth was, “Kristal, I love your jacket!!”  That jacket is pretty cool!

Thank goodness the weather held up, as we all know, this weather is nuts and it’s hard to schedule shoots with all these unpredictable weather changes.  We roamed a little bit around Gastown for a rustic feel, then headed to the Convention Centre, and then found some beautiful Cherry Blossom trees near Coal Harbour to capture softer and lighter images.  We can’t wait for their July 16th wedding!!

Hope you all enjoy and let us know your thoughts!

aToo see more photos, check out their slide show below!!




Haha! Thanks Maros! Hopefully we’ll see you and Nancy soon! Can’t wait to see your recent Vancouver wedding :)

hey guys
great pictures!
love them all

Vancouver is so great for locations and stone photo!
all the best

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| Vegas Baby | WPPI |

Hey all!

Long time no bloggin’. We haven’t been just hanging out and enjoying married life (okay maybe a little). Since our wedding, we’ve had copious amounts of meetings and have been booking heavily for 2011 and 2012. Then we were inVegas (our first time ever!) for WPPI in the middle of February!

For those who aren’t familiar with WPPI, it’s an annual wedding and portrait photography convention held in Vegas, and this year there were over 16,000 photographers from around the world!  That’s incredible!  We were there to learn from top notch photographers in the industry, and be inspired to take our business to the next level.

Hope you all enjoy a little tie-you-over blog of our Vegas adventure. We learned a lot and walked a lot and ate a lot… ummm… ever been to the “Hash House A Go Go“?  Next time you’re in Vegas, be sure to check it out!   Waffles and fried chicken!?!  Whoa!

Just a few quick snaps walking around town. We had never been to Vegas and didn’t realize that “across the street” is like a 20 minute venture… 

Aside from a great deal of learning that was done from speakers like Becker, Mike Larson, Jerry Ghonis, JVS… we checked out the trade show and found lots of great new products for the upcoming season!  Oh, and we found some time to seriously clown about on the strip.Okay, check out that burger (bottom left)… it was like the size of Kat’s head… that’s what Dan ate, the server actually said, “We don’t really expect you to finish.”  Kat’s plate of hash (FYI ‘hash’ is a southern meal of sorts) wasn’t any smaller…. Hahaha, Dan finished his and then ate a third of Kat’s meal too….. right before the plane ride home too:(What a wicked time!  We’re already looking forward to next year and not staying at a hotel that’s a 25 min walk away from the convention with 8am classes every morning;)


Holy crap, Dan.. you finished that!?!

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| Our Wedding Day | Married | 01.07.11 |

Good morning all!

Hope you all are rested, comfy, and ready to hear this crazy story of boy meets girl.

5 years ago Kat and Dan decided to go to school to study photography with the intention of pursuing it as their professional future. Not really knowing what to expect and not knowing what type of photography they would take on as their main focus, they kept open minds. Along the way, while supposedly studying, practicing and learning, they met each other. And while being complete opposites (tall vs. short, loud vs. quiet, Nikon vs. Canon :p) they clicked… ha ha like a camera;) Only a few months after meeting they were dating! And only a few months after that, they shot their first wedding together. Kat liked to photograph things, Dan liked to photograph faces… but for some reason white dresses came along and captured their hearts and creativity and they have never looked back… Well except for a little sidetrack architecture work now and then.

I know you are all wondering, who was Canon? Who was Nikon? Kat was Canon, Dan was Nikon… and purely because Dan had already spent gross amounts of $$$ on Nikon gear, Kat crossed over to the dark side;)

On to our wedding;

We got married at our favourite restaurant in the world, Brix Restaurant in Yaletown. They rock there!  So helpful and accommodating!

We kept things small and intimate, we had only 53 people… including our 4 photographers;)

We had our amazing friend (and Dan’s early mentor in all things photography) Barry Calhoun shoot for us… Even though he had sliced open his hand a week earlier and effectively was one handed all day. Helping him was our regular assistant Julian Kenchenten, and our uber awesome friends Jaya and Tye (who are crazy awesome in their own right).

Kat had two maids of honour a bridesman.

We had Sgt. Argent drive us around in an awesome 1948 Mercury Vancouver Police Car… Cause you know, why not!;)

Okay on to the pics!

Dan’s cufflinks…because being dorky on your wedding day it totally alright. Kat got these for me!Kat’s getting all done up by Melanie Tremblay from Mink Makeup + Hair… We met her at BC Wedding awards where she won for best hair!  She’s so great!Kat’s dress hanging in our loft, where the girls got ready 

This would be one of our kittens, Milo. He’s rather curious and one of the girls had to get him away as he started to claw a little and that’s not really the best thing for wedding dresses.

Kat’s sister Jenn is on the left, Kat’s best friend Naz is on the right, both Maids of Honour!

Mom:)Check out the ink!
We did a first look in our loft, as we took a bunch on photos before the ceremony. And yes Dan is that tall.Dan, me… I’m very happy. Kat is so pretty!Haha, which one is Dan. Dan and his ‘nearly’ identical twin of a younger brother.Inside the carOutside the car!!! Love that car! And thanks to Sgt. Walley who pulled some strings for us to get it.So I couldn’t help it… I just had to take a few pics of my beautiful wife-to-be on our wedding day. It got everyone laughing… I did give the camera back to the ‘official photographers’….eventually….We’re in the back streets near Main St. and 2nd ish…Ooooooo there’s Kat’s bridesman Ali keeping the ladies warm. It was a little chilly that day.And there’s the whole gang.The boys… well their pants and shoes and hands at least.Julian’s snap. Fun fact, he JUST got his new camera the day before our wedding! He switched to Canon.  I gave him a hard time for it all day. Jumping around, check out Dan’s brother Josh on the far right.The bride and her gals…and dude with funny socks.We hit up one of our fav locations on the way to Brix, it’s the Arthur Erickson Waterfall Building. We might have to stop coming here soooooo often. We just love it so much!Haha, our photographer used our frankenstien lighting gear… just before this shot I think I even changed a flash tube for them or something… Can’t remember, the day is a blur!And on to the ceremony! We had it in the covered courtyard at Brix! Like I said, we kept it small… Only 6 tables.We had a quick champagne toast and then we went right into our first dance… I know we switched things up a bit.

Kat with her Dad.Dan with his mom.While we were dancing it up, our photogs snapped some details of the restaurant all done up. Kat wanted candles… so we had 8 cases of wine bottles with drip candles… Cool eh;)In lieu of guest favours we donated to the BC Cancer Foundation.Speaches, some words were said… some embarrassing… okay mostly embarrassing.

And thats all folks!!

Hope you enjoyed!

The Stones

Thanks to everyone for the incredibly kind words. You are all so lovely and we thank you very much. 7 weeks married now and I can tell you that I am the happiest person in the whole entire world. I live with my love and best friend, in our wonderful loft, with our two lovely kitties!!! Not to mention all the lovely friends we have that have wished us well.

I’m a blessed man :)

D ;)

nora terry

two beautiful souls joined in two beautiful people.
create a life of beautiful memories together.
love “aunt nora”

Irene Chan

Congrats!!!! The Pictures look amazing. It looks like it was a beautiful day. We’re all so happy for you two.
Hugs and Kisses from all of us.
Can’t wait to see you soon.
Josh, Irene, Evangeline and Madeline

Mark Guilaran

Awesome photos guys! Barry and Julian did a great job! Good seeing you two at WPPI. Big congrats to you both.

Wendy Leong

You two look so blessed! Thank you for sharing your day with us through your gorgeous photos. We wish you a long life filled with God’s abundant blessings.

Brett Sullivan

You’ve made a man on the other side of the planet realise how amazing you both are. Such amazing photography really illustrated your personalities and made me miss you and everyone else a lot!

Absolutely stoked for you both! Look forward to catch up somewhere in the near future :)

Much love

These photos are fantastic. I loved everyone one. Looks like he/she used a wide angle lens mostly (24-70mm maybe?). Really like perspective shots. I love the flash too.

ashley w

wow. simply beautiful. kat, you looked absolutely stunning- flawless and glowing. dan, loved that you just had to photograph kat. :) so sweet. i totally choked up when i saw the pic of kat reading her vows. loved the candles on the tables, loved the intimacy. congratulations again, you two!!!

Elaine Schick

You made me cry. What more can I say?


Thanks everyone!! You’re all so kind!

Allison Girou

LOVE YOUR PICS!!! You guys looked amazing :) Looks like it was a great time. Congrats again!

suzanne hawkes

So beautiful! Congratulations!

Lin Snow

LOVE!!! The candles are fantastic. Looks like it was an amazing day, guys! Congrats to you both!

And Kat, I LOVE your tattoo!!

Tara Cormier

LOVE IT! Every part of it – the candles, the car, the dress, the groom’s height…I could go on forever! But I honestly started tearing up a bit when I saw the pic of Kat reading the vows. Your day looked amazing, and Jarrett and I wish nothing but the best for you both!

If you ever want to do a photo shoot in the tropical destination of … Manitoba … you should come out and visit us!!!

Love ya!

Aww… my heart is squeezing for you two! What a beautiful wedding – you both look so happy throughout. Serious congrats guys!! :)

(ps – Dan and his brother look freakishly the same… that’s amazing!)

Congratulations you two! Beautiful!

FINALLY, some photos. ;) I can’t believe how gorgeous you two are – sooooo meant to be. Congratulations guys! :)

Awesome photos guys! I’m glad you had a wonderful wedding day!!!


These are awesome :D Kat looks hot, you lucky so-and-so :P

The candles look killer in the Brix. Very nice idea!

And Kat shot canon? Well… you’ll never hear the end of that from me :D :D

Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, you two, the locations, the images. Congratulations!

beautiful!! great pics. I freaking LOVE those cuff links!!
huge congrats to you both

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