| Lindsay & Heiko | Engaged |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

Remember that whole, “It’s a small world out there” thing I said in our last post?  Well to prove my point again, Lindsay and Heiko emailed us earlier this year to meet up and chat wedding photography.  We literally had the quickest meeting ever, about less than 15 minutes.  Will explain why momentarily.  Within that 15 minutes, we found out that Lindsay now works with our past client, Paul, the groom from the awesome duo Paul & Candace whose wedding we shot in 2009.  Then we found out that Lindsay and Dan went to the same highschool in Tsawwassen, and Lindsay’s younger brother was in Dan’s grad year.  I’m really starting to believe in this six degrees of separation thing!

Now the reason we had the world’s fastest consultation is that it was GAME NIGHT!!  It was probably me who didn’t realize I had set up the meeting to be during the game, and unfortunately, we also shot their engagement session during another game night.  So, huge apologies to Lindsay and Heiko, especially being right across from GM Place at the Olympic Village (it was a home game too!) and we could hear all the cheers for every time the Canucks scored.  Hopefully you guys won’t miss another game on our behalf!!  We had an awesome e-session though, so please enjoy!

A quick shout out to Ellen Ho who we bumped into as she was shooting her e-session too:)


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| Cindy & Bon | Engaged |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

It’s a smaller world than we all perceive it to be. Really…!  When we met Cindy and Bon last year, we quickly discovered that they know Harmony & Nicky, whose wedding we shot last July.  That lead to discovering that I went to the same highschool as them, and that I know Cindy’s younger brother, also from highschool!  Crazy times!

Once again, as with many of our recent shoots, we had postponed Cindy & Bon’s e-session due to weather.  We finally chose a Friday afternoon, and we were all delighted at how sunny and beautiful it turned out.  We started off at the Britannia Heritage Shipyward in Steveston, such a great location!  As we started shooting, we quickly realized that this was going to be an awesome session – and it was!  Cindy joked at one point, “We have no problem with PDA”.  Perfect.  It makes all the difference if couples are madly in love and aren’t shy to show it!  We also learned that the day we were shooting their e-session was the day after their 16th anniversary together!!  Wow, that’s amazing!  Together since grade 9 and 10.  Gotta love that.

After spending some time in Steveston, we drove to Pacific Spirit Park along SW Marine Drive, where Cindy and Bon had once biked through the trails and fell in love with the light shining through the trees.  Well, it was definitely a good choice, and Dan and I also fell in love with the lighting.  Some of my favourite images were shot here;)

Bon had expressed some interest in having a really colourful background for some shots, and we knew we had to take them to Main Street near Terminal where the infamous graffiti walls are.  It was the perfect time to shoot, the sun was setting, the light was golden, and…oh right….we were missing the hockey game!  Sorry Cindy and Bon! It was all worth it though (right guys!?!)  So please enjoy some favourites of the day and leave a thought with us!




[...] have been so anxious to blog Cindy and Bon’s wedding.  Ever since shooting their awesome e-session last month, we knew their wedding day would be even more fantastic.  We were especially excited [...]


Thanks Elaine, I thought of you when I shot the ring :p


Haha sorry to make you guys miss the game!!! Awesome awesome session though!! one of our favs this year;)


Wow, these are great! I didn’t realize I could look so good. I mean Cindy could look more beautiful.

Thank you guys so much. Totally loved working with you both. You guys are definitely a great pair!!!

It was well worth missing the game.


Can’t thank you guys enough! We had a blast and +++ laughs. The photos totally captured the moments. Hahha, I see some fishy lips got in there. Sorry Dan! Can’t wait for round 2.

PS: Bon raced and got to see the last 5 minutes of the game.

Elaine Schick

Very photogenic couple. Some really, really great shots. Love the ring shots.

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| Krystie & Greg | Engaged |

Vancouver Wedding Photographers

We got an email from Krystie and Greg sometime last August regarding photographing their E-Session.  Their destination wedding isn’t until this June, so the session was put off for a bit.  We got back in touch earlier this year, where we found out that Krystie and Greg are cat people. Yay!  They wanted some photos with their cat, Tiger, so we started off at their home in South Surrey.  What a beautiful cat!  Tiger reminded me of my first cat, also named Tiger , and also a tabby!

After spending some time at Krystie and Greg’s home, we ventured off to the nearby Softball City.  Here are a few shots from their E-Session, enjoy:)undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

Hope you guys have a great time in Mexico!!


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