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Furry Creek Proposal

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                    Earlier this year, a few weeks into 2014, we had an awesome experience photographing James’ proposal to his girlfriend, Hayley, at Furry Creek!  We received an email from James early January and by the 13th, it was all planned out.

                    James and Hayley were in Vancouver all the way from the UK visiting some of James’ family, and he decided he would pop the question here amidst the beautiful mountains at Furry Creek.  How were we all to get there, you ask yourselves?  Well, by helicopters of course!!  James hired two awesome pilots from Sky Helicopters and here’s how it all went down:

                    We met up with James at the base where the helicopters land.  There he explained his plan.  James and I took a helicopter to Furry Creek and essentially hid and waited.  After Hayley received a camera for her birthday, and James had “arranged” for her to take a one-on-one wildlife photography course led by a wild life photographer….Dan!  Dan and the second pilot played along pretending to take her to a hot spot at Furry Creek.  Once they landed, Dan made an excuse to chat with the pilot about their next location, and told Hayley to walk over near the water.  As she did, James popped out and the proposal commenced!

                    The sun was in and out, it was spitting rain a little bit, but the fog and spurts of sun rays shining through made a beautiful backdrop for this milestone in James and Hayley’s lives.  After many hugs, a few tears and a phone call back to the UK to tell mum, we photographed them some more and then off we went back to the landing pad.

                    Here are just a few photos from the proposal.  Congratulations to Hayley and James, what a spectacular way to get engaged!  All the best with wedding planning back home:)

Helicopter ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalFurry Creek ProposalHelicopter ProposalFurry Creek Proposal

Jeff Chang

awesome job guys!!

Edward Lai

One of the most emotional moments, love it.
Amazing images!

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